Just a quick housekeeping update for regular readers. This weekend I’ve started working on the next batch of Raunch Reviews (The Dresden Files, Transformers: Beast Wars, The Mandalorian, and more!), and I realized that past reviews are scattered all over my blog. That makes them difficult to browse, and that cannot stand!

I took a little time this morning to collect them all in one handy location to solve that issue. You can find Raunch Reviews on their official Raunch Reviews page. It’s also under the “Blog” button in the upper navigation. They’re ordered by release, and any new reviews will be featured on that page after they go live.

Have a suggestion for Raunch Reviews? It can be any made-up slang word from a book, comic, television show, or movie. You can email me directly with your recommendation or leave a comment below. I’ll need to spend time with the property before I feel confident reviewing it, so give me a little time.