📍 Peaceable Warren
🏙 Level Five
🕝 Mid-Afternoon

“Been lost since the death of their master, cloakin’ themselves in mourning garments and the like. Not much more than parasites now; cling to whoever would take ‘em. They deal only in shadows and whispers. That ain’t much in the way of currency.”

—Tawil, Gleam Upon the Waves


“Pagan Love Song” by The Columbians (1928)
Other audio and video from original, licensed, and public domain sources.

This is just one of many.

You never know what you’ll discover in the twisted streets, quiet alleys, and busy warrens of Lovat. Enjoy these “Old Haunts”, a series of vignettes and visions presented in Glorious Monochrome® by Waite™ Radio Pictures, Inc.

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