📍 Martello Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕝 Mid-Afternoon

We walked in companionable silence through the narrow streets of a quiet dimanian warren called Martello. These days it was home to apartment complexes, private one-room schoolhouses, and small manufacturing facilities. It wasn’t far from the Bonheur Seafoods cannery, and many of the union workers employed there lived here. The streets were cramped, brick and cement walls, the roof above low. It gave street sounds a muffled quality you don’t find in many other warrens.

Recruitment posts were plastered along the street’s walls, with Hellgate Mine’s continual encouragement to any able-bodied workers to GO TO HELL. I’m sure some copywriter thought they were real clever with that one.

—Waldo Bell, Gleam Upon the Waves


“Parlez-Moi D’Amour” by Lucienne Boyer (1930)
Audio from Freesounds.com – Special thanks to along12, amholma, blancabartual, ftpalad, iesp, injspectorj, jrssandoval, klankbeeld, kwahmah-02, matthewwong, miguel2613, mxsmanic, rznik-krkovicka, sean-sd2007, soundsexciting, and theshuggie.
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This is just one of many.

You never know what you’ll discover in the twisted streets, quiet alleys, and busy warrens of Lovat. Enjoy these “Old Haunts”, a series of vignettes and visions presented in Glorious Monochrome® by Waite™ Radio Pictures, Inc.

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