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K. M. Alexander is a Pacific Northwest native and novelist living and working in Seattle. His work explores non-traditional settings within speculative fiction, bending and blending genres to create rich worlds and unique approachable characters.

His first novel The Stars Were Right—a cosmic horror soaked urban fantasy—arrived in late 2013. Since then he’s published three more books in his Bell Forging Cycle, the sequel Old Broken Road in 2014, and the third book Red Litten World in 2015, and Gleam Upon the Waves in 2021.

K. M. is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances.

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Questions? Comments? Feedback? Send them here. I try to respond to every email I get.

Address: P.O. Box 28805 Seattle, WA 98118
If you prefer the older form of communication, feel free to reach out to me via my mailing address. Due to the nature of snail mail, and the fact I only check my P.O. Box a few times a year, please expect delayed response.

Twitter: @KM_Alexander
I don’t post as often on Twitter as I used to. But I still maintain a presence, it’s also a handy way to stay on top of my blog. I share posts there as well as here.

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Pinterest: KMAlexander
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Instagram: @kmalexander
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Selected Interviews & Articles:

2022 — That Swag: Book Promotion Ideas

Wherein I have a brief conversation with Sadie Hartmann about the swag sets I have created for each of The Bell Forging Cycle and how I use them to not only promote my books but also expand the world of the Territories.

2021 — My Self Published Fantasy Month Interview

Where I discuss my choices for going indie, recommend some favorites, and describe a tavern in Lovat—The Marsh Bed—that I now consider canon.

2021 — Indie Pub Podcast Episode 10

I return to the pub to discuss maps, map making, and all things fantasy cartography while sipping on grog—the Royal Navy’s 18th century answer to boredom and scurvy.

2021 — Indie Pub Podcast Episode 1

Wherein J. Rushing and I discuss the ins and out of adapting a mythos while sipping on a cocktail of our own creation: The Pallid Mask.

2018 — My SPFBO 4 Interview

Fellow author Michael R. Baker interviewed me as part of SPFBO 4. We discuss my current projects, the advice I have for other writers, inspiration, and a whole lot more.

2018 — What if your book is the child of two genres?

Wherein I and several other authors discuss what it is like to work within cross-genre fictions, how the market perceives those work, and our inspiration.

2017 — K. M. Alexander goes all Lovecraftian

In which I discuss the Bell Forging Cycle, books and authors who inspire me, my style and process, and what I’m working on next.

2017 — Brews & Interviews – Seattle Author K.M. Alexander

In which I join Matt and Cat of Horror Brew to discuss genre-bending and The Bell Forging Cycle, weird west, and all things horror.

2017 — Author K. M. Alexander on Creativity

In this quick little interview filmed at Lilac City Comicon 2017, Shad Engkilterra of Penguinate asks me about creativity. We discuss what it is, my own creative process, and how one can become more creative.

2017 — Lessons from the Shadows & Interview

In which H.M. Jones invites me to write a guest post and I reflected on the lessons I’ve learned after writing three books in The Bell Forging Cycle. We also talk shop, my inspirations for Lovat, influences, and more.

2016 — Zealot Script’s Feature Friday

In which I get personal about my work, discuss what books would I love to live inside, and what inspired me to start writing novels in the first place.

2016 — Indie Author: 10 Quick Questions

In which fellow author G. R. Matthews ask me ten questions about the craft. We talk inspiration, the difficulty of indie publishing, and I pick my three desert island books.

2016 — Life in the Weird: On the Blending of Genre

I never decided to write a genre-blending novel, it just happened. In this article for Fantasy Book Critic, I discuss some of the concepts I kept in mind while I wrote the books in The Bell Forging Cycle.

2015 — Guest Geeks: K.M. Alexander – Cthulhu The Wimp

I was invited by fellow Seattle author Michael G. Munz to write a nerd-centered article for his blog. Naturally, I chose to write about Lovecraftian horror, specifically Cthulhu himself. In this article, I ask the question: Cthulhu, unimaginable terror, or just a big wimp?

2015 — Seattle Geekly Podcast

In which Shannon Flowers, Matt Hammond, and I discuss The Bell Forging Cycle, the Territories, Lovecraftian mythos, Mansions of Madness, books, video games, roleplaying, and more!

2015 — Wordslingers: An Interview With K.M. Alexander

In which S. Lee Benedict and I talk about The Bell Forging Cycle, world-building, H. P. Lovecraft, writing strategies, living in the Pacific Northwest, and my long-term plans. It’s one of my favorite interviews.

2014 — Interview with Wendy VanCamp

In which Wendy and I talk about The Stars Were Right, my influences, my advice for writing, and cover design.

2014 — Dungeon Crawler Radio Podcast

In which Revan, Joe, Drew, and I discuss Old Broken Road, The Stars Were Right, Lovecraft, my inspiration, music, and I hint at an upcoming project.

2014 — Interview with Thomas Fowler

In which Thomas and I speak about Old Broken Road, advertising, design, book marketing, and indie publishing.

2014 — Interview with Jim Pyre

In which Jim and I discuss, everything from what I am working on, books I like to read, and cat hats.

2013 — Interview with Lauren Sapala

In which Lauren and I talk about blogging, my self-publishing journey, book cover design, being web-savvy, and even genre decisions for indie publishing.

Selected Reviews

2019 — ZACKARY J. PIKE review of The Stars Were Right

“If you ever read Kill 6 Billion Demons and thought it would be neat with more Mythos and Average Joes, you should absolutely check this one out.”

2018BOOKNEST.EU review of The Stars Were Right

“…it’s all tied together with fluid prose, and some turns of phrase that had me grinning at the page.”

2017 — ZEALOT SCRIPT review of The Stars Were Right

“Alexander paints a beautiful world for his readers and delivers a story that is utterly gripping.”

2015 — CANDACE’S BOOK BLOG on The Stars Were Right

“Nothing about this book is ‘normal’ which is one of my favorite things about it!”

2015 — TRUTH ABOUT BOOKS on The Stars Were Right

“I read straight through the night and couldn’t put it down. Mr. Alexander is a wizard at creating a world one could only dream about.”

2015 — THE DUNWICH REVIEW on The Stars Were Right

“The Stars Were Right is a great effort for a first book. Author K.M. Alexander creates a vivid and complex fantasy world with likeable characters.”

2015 — BLACK HEART MAGAZINE on Old Broken Road

[In Old Broken Road] “He stays true to the strange world he has created, full of various species, languages, religions, and its unique blend of ancient troubles and modern conflicts.”

2014 — SEATTLE GEEKLY on The Stars Were Right

“The Stars Were Right is a very good read for fans of Lovecraftian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction or just non-standard murder mysteries.”

2013 — BLACK HEART MAGAZINE on The Stars Were Right

“Part thriller, part urban fantasy, The Stars Were Right is a wild tour through a wild city.”


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Cover for The Stars Were Right, Book I in the Bell Forging Cycle
Cover for Old Broken Road, Book II in the Bell Forging Cycle
Cover for Red Litten World, Book III in the Bell Forging Cycle
Cover for Gleam Upon the Waves, Book IV in the Bell Forging Cycle

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