2020 is over. Let’s see how 2021 plays out.

Previous Appearances

January 25th–30th, 2021—TBRCon21

Watch the Panel and see our Horror Recommendations→

Emerald City Comic Con 2019

March 14th–17th, 2019—ECCC 2019

Read the ECCC 2019 Debriefing →

Emerald City Comic Con

March 1st–4th, 2018—ECCC 2018

Read the ECCC 2018 Debriefing →


November 17th–19th, 2017—Orycon 39

Read the OryCon 39 Debriefing →


June 3rd & 4th 2017—Lilac City Comicon

Read the 2017 Lilac City Comicon Debriefing →


April 13th–16th, 2017—Norwescon 40

Read the Norwescon 40 Debriefing →

Lilac City Comicon

May 14th 2016—Lilac City Comicon

Read the 2016 Lilac City Comicon Debriefing →

Come see K. M. Alexander at Norwescon 39!

March 24–27, 2016—Norwescon 39

Read the Norwescon 39 Debriefing →

Lilac City Comicon - May 30th, 2015

May 30th 2015—Lilac City Comicon

Read the Lilac City Comicon Debriefing →

CthulhuCon — April 25th - 26th 2015

April 25th & 26th 2015—CthulhuCon PDX

Read the CthulhuCon PDX Debriefing →

NorWesCon 2015 - April 2-5th 2015

April 2nd–5th 2015 —Norwescon 38 

Read the Norwescon 38 Debriefing →

SpoCon 2014 - August 15th - 17th 2014

August 15th–7th 2014—SpoCon 2014

Read the SpoCo 2014 Debriefing →

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