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The men behind Oklahoma’s monument to Azathoth

Meet the mysterious men behind Oklahoma's monument to Azathoth

I posted over the weekend about the mysterious monument to Azathoth showing up outside the Paseo Grill in Oklahoma City. Well, it seems the creators have been found and io9 has an interview with the two of them including some great pics of the monument’s creation. My favorite response was in answer to the question: What’s been your favorite part of this whole thing?

David: …Also the idea that “several strong men could not have put it there.” It was two weak-ass dudes amped up on adrenaline. And you know, physics. Gravity…

A fitting conclusion to the mystery. The rest of the interview is great, you should check it out.

Friday Link Pack

Friday Link Pack
It’s Friday so I figured why not take the time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. (I will fully admit I am stealing this idea from Swiss Miss.) Some of these I mention on twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do!


Baiting Your Characters
Setsu Uzume shares a handy tips to flesh out and fully understand your secondary and minor characters. (Would work on main characters as well.)

The Hidden Key to Creativity
Lauren Sapala writes a quick article about how to get out of your head and refresh yourself creatively. For me it’s reading, designing, and hiking, what works for you?

50 writing errors that make you look like an amateur
Charlie White compiles a list of things authors need to look out for in their writing. It’s good stuff. He has another list of 25 more errors here.


Peter Bellerby – The Globemaker
Great short about Peter Bellerby an artisan globemaker in London. It’s really well produced and shows the outcome of dedication and hard work.

The Monsters of Ray Frenden
My buddy, illustrator and and Harley Davidson spokesman, Ray Frenden was featured on Juxtapoz’ blog. Go check his work out, and give him a follow on the Twitters.


Welcome to Night Vale Podcast
I will probably do a Reading—er…Listening Recommendation for “Welcome to Night Vale” in the future. However in the meantime go subscribe (it’s free) and immerse yourself in the new weird world that is Night Vale and join me in hating on Desert Bluffs.

USGS Animal Congregations Terms
What do you call a group of fox? How about magpies? Okay smarty pants what about herring? If you don’t know the answers click the link and see the USGS’s list of animal congregation terms.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Rats in the Walls
Do yourself a favor if you have never read this: go in blind.

Farewell Gif(s) of the Week:

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll leave you with a couple of animated gifs for your enjoyment. I absolutely love the old guy:
dance1 dance2


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Monument to Azathoth appears in Oklahoma City

Monument to Azathoth

Something strange popped up outside the Paseo Grill in Oklahoma City on August 23rd: a monument to Azathoth. It’s large and so heavy three “strong men” could hardly make it budge. A plaque adorns its face reading:

In the Year of Our Lord 2012 Creer Pipi claimed this land for Azathoth.

Time will tell what Azathoth’s interest in the Paseo Grill’s “casual, yet sophisticated dining experience” really means for the citizens of Oklahoma. Clearly the police know what is up, and refuse to move the monument and incur Azathoth’s wrath. It has been left to the Paseo Grill to figure out what to do with the object. You can read the full story at New York Daily News.

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