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GLEAM UPON THE WAVES Now on Indiebound and in Independent Bookstores

Excite to see that Gleam Upon the Waves finally showed up on IndieBound (it generally trails bigger bookstores a bit). That means if you’re like me and you like buying physical books from your local independent, most of them should be able to get you a copy! Woohoo! Just ask. Indie shops are always eager to order a book for you.

I should have stock for my own store later this week. If you’re holding out until you can buy a signed copy direct from me, they should be available real soon. (Thanks for your patience.)

If you haven’t picked up Gleam Upon the Waves yet, here’s all the links to help you rectify that:


Amazon • Barnes & Noble  IndieBound


Kindle • Kobo • Nook • Apple Books • GooglePlay

I’ve appreciated the exciting emails I’ve gotten and the messages I’ve received. You all have made me make me feel pretty dang great. I sincerely hope everyone’s enjoying the book. Please leave an honest review when you’ve finished, and tell your friends. Word of mouth is always the best advertising for a book.

Old Haunts — Vignettes and Visions from the City of Lovat

Old Haunts, New Location.

Those who tuned into DEAD DROP Live on Tuesday already know this. But for those that didn’t, I wanted to make a quick announcement that Old Haunts have expanded to their own page, and you can check it out here!

As I’ve been rolling out my Reader Resources for The Bell Forging Cycle, I thought it’d be helpful to give them their own space. While they’re similar to the stills you find on Echoes, they’ve grown into their own thing over the last few months. As new ones arrive I’ll keep adding them there. (That page also lets me show off the fun noir-esque title cards.)

If you want to see how these are made, check out Tuesday’s stream of DEAD DROP LIVE—I go into extensive detail. There’s plenty more to come! Keep following me here or over on Instagram to see, uh… new Old Haunts.

Gleam Upon the Soundtrack

In the past, I’ve released my book playlists before the launch of the book. These tend to be inspiration playlists, not the music I find myself writing to. (If you’re interested in a “writing playlist,” let me know in the comments! I’d be happy to assemble something. There’s very much a “type” of music I listen to when writing a Bell Forging Cycle book.) Since Gleam Upon the Waves has been out for a little over a week, I thought I’d go a step further and not only share the playlist but give a few details, why I chose particular songs, and how I felt they reflected (and inspired) aspects of the story.

First, the playlist! Jam out, roaders.

Not a Spotify fan? The playlist is also over on YouTube.


The following details will contain Gleam Upon the Waves spoilers. So, if you’re still reading, I’d recommend avoiding the rest of this post until after you finished the book. For the rest of you, let’s head deeper into the playlist.

Continue reading → Gleam Upon the Soundtrack


It’s Tuesday, which means Book IV of The Bell Forging Cycle, Gleam Upon the Waves, has now officially been out for a week! 🥳 There’s always a bit of trepidation launching a late-series book. Series are fickle, and sales tend to drop dramatically between each installment. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Sales have been solid. And, based on early feedback, people seem to like this one. Hooray! So big thank you to everyone who’s picked up a copy of Gleam or dropped me a note. It means the world to me, and I hope you enjoy your time in the Territories.

Finished? Leave a Review!

Already finished Gleam Upon the Waves? Please leave an honest review either where you purchased the book or over on Goodreads. (Or both! Both is great.) Not only will your reviews help me out, but they’ll also assist your fellow readers in finding books they’ll enjoy. Oh yeah. Tell your friends! Word of mouth is key to any books success.

DEAD DROP Live Returns Tonight

It’s Tuesday, which means tonight I’m going to do another live stream. Please join me from 6–7 PM PDT over on I’ll be giving a behind-the-scenes look at the different work that goes into creating an Old Haunt and answering any questions you might have. Should be a good time and you should come.

Signed Copy Update

Right now, Amazon is telling me I’ll have my copies in mid-April. (Right around the 15th) Signed copies will be available in the store immediately after they’re received. Thanks for your patience. I know a few of you are as eagerly awaiting this shipment as I am. I wish it could be faster, but I couldn’t order copies of Gleam until the book went live, which delays their production and shipment.

I know I sound like a broken record when I tell you how much I appreciate your excitement and passion about my weird little series. But it does mean a lot, and it keeps me going. Thank you for making Gleam Upon the Waves one of the books you chose to read this year. That is an honor I don’t take lightly. I hope you enjoy your time with Wal as he embarks on his latest adventure. There’s more to come and I cannot wait to sharing it with you.

Old Haunts — Vignettes and Visions from the City of Lovat

Old Haunts: Red-Light Nite

📍 West Lovat Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕦 Late Night



“A tall figure passed the throng. It was clad in black, its head topped with a tall sharp pointed hood. It drifted silent and unnoticed through the crowd, like a lingering shadow. Dark robes floated about its form like an ebony fog. Where a face should have been was… nothing. No eyeholes were cut into its hood, no outline of a nose pressed at the back of the fabric.”

—Waldo Bell, Red Litten World

Visit Previous Haunts:

Lucky Star

📍 Denny Lake Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕙 Midmorning


📍 King Station Warren
🌆 Level Four
🕖 Early Evening

Serenade on Two

📍 Martello Warren
🌃 Level Two
🕚 Late Night

Local Service

📍 Martello Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕐 Mid-Day

Licensed Dir. Agents

📍 Unknown Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕚 Late Night

Happy Auseil

📍 Hickman-Franklin Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕝 Early Morning

Title Card for "Social Climber" a Lovatine Vignette of a man riding a public lift

Social Climber

📍 Frink Park Warren
🏙 Between Level Four & Five
🕜 Early Afternoon

Title Card for "Order Up" a Lovatine Vignette of a neon sign flashing behind the espresso machine in a coffee shop

Order Up

📍 Shantak Coffee
🚢 Deck Three
🕘 Mid-Morning

All of Me

📍 Wilcox Warren
🌇 Level Four
🕢 Morning

Study Related Ephemera:

Explore Distant Margins:


Music sample: “Rainy Day Blues” by Jump Jackson and his Band
Other audio from Freesounds. Special thanks to: efike, giddster, ramston, and ynef.

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DEAD DROP Live now on YouTube

I’ve shared a recording of last week’s DEAD DROP Live on YouTube. (And it’s embedded below.) The fun starts at the 11:00 mark (otherwise, it’s just a chill “stream starting soon” countdown). This was my first attempt at streaming, and while I think it went rather well, I’ve already made some adjustments for the next stream to make it easier to watch after the fact. Next week I’m planning on giving a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into creating an Old Haunt. So come join me and watch live on my Twitch channel next Tuesday, from 6–7 PM PDT. Should be a good time.

I hope you enjoy the reading and the Q&A session. If you haven’t nabbed your copy of Gleam Upon the Waves you can do so via any of the links below. Signed-books are coming soon. (I’ll post when they arrive.)

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