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A Spring Update

A Spring Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a news update. Looking back the last time I updated everyone on the progress was back in December. So yeah, time to rectify that. A lot of things have been happening and I am excited about 2015.

  • The Bell Forging Cycle, Book III — Red Litten World

    We’re so close! I can almost taste it.


      The teaser site for Red Litten World has been live for a while. But I haven’t really called attention to it. You can see what’s happening over on We’re going back to Lovat, people.


      You read that right. I have finalized the cover of Red Litten World and we’ll be doing a big ol’ cover reveal very soon. I’ll be making a bigger blog post around the coming cover reveal and revealing the date a little later. Subscribers to my newsletter get the first glimpse. So if you’re not a member, sign up today. Just click here to sign up →


      We’re getting close! As of a week ago I handed the manuscript of Red Litten World over to my editor. Now the hard/fun part begins. The manuscript topped out at 105,823 words which makes this the longest in the series so far. But, I’m sure a big chunk of those will get cut. (That’s a good thing.) Really excited getting into this portion.

  • CthulhuCon Next Weekend

    I’m planning a post about my CthulhuCon schedule later this week. But since it’s coming I did want to hit on some highlights.

  • Another Vague O.D.E. Updates

    So I have been pretty quiet on O.D.E.. So quiet in fact I haven’t really revealed the title! But that’s all going to change real soon. I’m nearly finished with the first draft, and the cover is coming along, and I am pretty excited about the project as a whole. It’s refreshing to write a standalone story.

    As I have mentioned in the past, this is much different from The Bell Forging Cycle but it’s a cool world with some engaging characters wrapped up in an intense story, I think you’ll dig it. More to come later.

  • Introducing: The Faults of Man, A Bell Forging Novella

    If you’re a watcher of my project tracker, you’ll have noticed that I am working on a novella title: The Faults of Man. This is intended to be a short story set in the Territories but not told from Wal’s perspective. I’m keeping a lid on the plot right now (you’ll have to wait until Red Litten World arrives) but the idea is this will take place during the events of Red Litten World and will focus on some familiar characters.

  • Tuesday Tales? Wednesday Words?

    So over the weekend I did a reading. I had a lot of fun doing it, and got a pretty warm reception. Kari-Lise suggested I keep doing it, and I thought it’d be fun to make it a weekly thing. Maybe read through The Stars Were Right. I mention it here to really judge the reception of that. If you think it’s something I should do, shoot me an email or leave a comment below. If there’s enough interest we’ll make it a regular thing.

So there’s the spring update. My writing is all in a weird spot, as you can see there is a lot of things coming, but nothing is quite here. That said, a big part of writing is pushing through, and I’m going to keep on pushing. Thanks to all my readers and fans for sticking around, it’ll be worth it.

CthulhuCon PDX

Come See Me At CthulhuCon

We’re now a week and a half away from CthulhuCon in Portland, Oregon. This convention is an official spin off from the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and will be two days of gaming, panels, readings, art, and music. The event takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on April 25th & 26th and includes guests like Lovecraft historian S. T. Joshi, artist Liv Rainey-Smith, author Sean Hoade, author Wilum H. Pugmire, and historical reenactor Leeman Kessler. With a lineup like that it’s sure to be a fun event.

I shall be there, along with fresh copies of The Stars Were Right and Old Broken Road. I’ll also have Bell Caravan patches and a bunch of free swag. So come on by, visit me in the Dealer Room, chat me up about the world of the Territories, and let’s talk Lovecraft.

More info (like booth number and such) as I get it. Get your tickets here (There’s only a few remaining.) I’ll see you at the Con!

Come see me at NorWesCon 38

Come See Me at Norwescon 38

We’re only a couple days away from NorWesCon 38 here in Seattle, Washington. I will be there along with copies of The Stars Were RightOld Broken Road, awesome 3″ Bell Caravan Patches, and a bunch of FREE swag (1″ buttons, bookmarks, and stickers).

I’ll be holed up at Booth #47 at the end of Author’s Row. Come on by and say hello! I highlighted my future tiny kingdom below:
Find me at NorWesCon 38 at Booth 47!If you live in the area and are interested in attending you can find out more about NorWesCon 38 at Guest this year include: some guy named George R. R. Martin, Astronomer Amy Mainzer, and the incredible artist Julie Dillon. Looks to be a great group of guests. You can check out the full NorWesCon 38 schedule here. I look forward to meeting folks and seeing you there.

(Only two more days!)

Two more days until NorWesCon 38!