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Random Story Title Generator

A writing pen image, which is super original on a writing blog. It's all I could do on short notice, cut me some slack okay.

Saw this link over on Chuck Wendig’s TerribleMinds. It’s a random story title generator! I have mentioned before how I often struggle with titles. So finding little resources like this are great for someone like me. While you probably won’t walk away with the perfect title for your next novel or short story it’s a handy little tool to get the gears in your brain spinning.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Nightmare on Wax, Thought So

It’s rare when you discover a tool that helps you actually enhance your productivity, rarer still when it centers around what you listen to. Last week my friend Aaron Laibson introduced me to focus@will. Using curated content and adaptive audio technology (full explanation on how it works here) focus@will allows you to put on background music that enhances your focus on whatever you’re working on. I’m surprised how well it works. At first I was skeptical but after trying it out over the weekend I came away really impressed by what focus@will has accomplished.

So if you’re looking for something to help you focus at least try the focus@will beta. Leave a comment and let me know if it works as well for you as it did for me. I could see this becoming a tool I use for years to come.

(The image associated with this post comes from the album cover for Nightmare on Wax‘s 2008 album “thought so?” It happened to be playing while I wrote this post and I thought the album cover was too cool not to include it.)