Hey, who doesn’t like free stuff? Below is a smattering of goodies for you to download or acquire. There is always something else coming so check back often!


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😎 Swag Packs

K. M. Alexander's Swag Packs

Can’t make it to one of my convention appearances but you still want the swag I give away? Well, I give it all away for free! Swag Packs include a button, set of four stickers, and three unique bookmarks. All I ask is you cover the cost of shipping. Just go to my store, pay the buck, and I’ll drop your swag pack in the mail ASAP!

The Stars Were Right | Old Broken Road | Red Litten World

🖥 Downloadable Backgrounds

Bell Forging Cycle – He is Coming

Ominous prophecies are here to adorn your desktop. Chose the resolution you prefer by clicking one of the links below to download.

1280×8001366×768 • 1440×9001680×1050
1920×10802560×1440iPad Air/MiniiPad Pro
iPhone 5iPhone 6iPhone 6+

Bell Forging Cycle – Map of the Known Territories
Map of the Known Territories

[Spoiler Warning: The map features a few Old Broken Road spoilers.] The Map of the Known Territories is the official map of the universe of The Bell Forging Cycle annotated by Wal himself. See why in this post!

[Phone backgrounds available here.]

Old Broken Road – Choas Awaits
Old Broken Road - Chaos Awaits

The creepy Old Broken Road “Chaos Awaits” background is available in the following sizes. Just click the link to download and terrorize your friends, family, or coworkers:

1280×800 • 1440×900 • 1680×1050
1920×1200 • 2560×1440 • iPhone
iPhone 5 • iPad

Old Broken Road – Bell Caravans Logo
Bell Caravans

Show your loyalty to the company. Swap your background out and replace it with the brand of Bell Caravans. Just click a link below to download:

1280×800 1440×900 1680×1050 • 1920×1200
2560×1440 iPhone • iPhone 5 iPad
iPhone 6 • iPhone 6+

📛 Avatars

Spruce up your social media accounts and declare your allegiance. Click on any image to view larger, then just drag it to your desktop and it’s ready to use.

Bell Caravans

City of Lovat

The Great Seal of Lovat

City of Syringa

🗺 Map Brushes

We’ve Moved!

As my fantasy map brush project has outgrown this page, my free brushes have been moved to their own section. Click the button below to visit them.

🎓 Tutorials

My free open source project, #NoBadMaps, is fundamentally about empowerment. To that end, I’ve begun assembling tutorials explaining how one can go about creating better maps for their fantasy projects. In case you missed them, you can find links to my tutorials below.

  • How to Use My Brush Sets

    As straight forward as it sounds, a step by step guide to using my map sets for your projects. It might seem daunting, but in reality, it’s as simple as a rubber stamp.

  • Creating 18th Century Coastlines for Fantasy Maps

    For a while, I’ve been trying to simplify the process to develop hatched coastlines similar to maps from the middle of the 18th Century. In this tutorial, I explain how to replicate the effect quickly and reliably.