A Guide to Naming

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Set Names

Each of my sets has particular names that will hint at what’s inside each. The guide below will help you find the right set for you. Individual posts will further detail the sets, listing everything included inside.


Units, camps, gun emplacements, a set designed to help illustrate your project’s martial campaigns.


The most common. These are robust sets focused on all aspects of maps, usually on a regional or global scale.


A set designed to paint in coastal or landmass edges.


These are landform-focused sets.

Road Atlas

These sets are focused on the route linking settlements.


Looking for unique takes on cities to pair with your regional map? These sets are for you.


Sets focused on creating detailed city-level maps.

Set Folder Names

I take great pride in organizing the actual brush sets themselves. While every set is different, there are common terms I use within the sets themselves, and those are detailed below. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I’m stretching the definition of this term a bit. Any decoration or decorative element that falls outside of the standard signs or symbols will generally be found in here.


Your classic map macro mapping elements will often be found here, compass roses, distance scales, orientation indicators, etc.


Trees! Bushes! Wilds! If it grows, you’ll find it under Flora.


This will usually be your standard mountains and hills, but occasionally you’ll find other exciting things under this category.


Anything having to do with human habitation will be in the Settlements folder.


Often found in Battlefield sets, these will be the various levels and divisions of military units.


Often found in City sets, these will be groups of buildings arranged in a city block—or the historical equivalent.

Support this Work

Brushes and tools released through the #NoBadMaps project will always be free and released under a public domain CC0 license. If you’d like to support the project and help me cover the cost of hosting, research, and tool-set development, I’ve put together three ways you can help, and all are detailed below.

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