A repository of historical ephemera presented chronologically. There are circumstances still waiting to be discovered for those brave enough to peer around the edges of the world. This reality is faceted; each plane a reflection of corrupted shadow and light. Diligence.

Notice: This cache will be updated as necessary. Click on any image to view it larger.

Old Haunts — Vignettes and Visions from the City of Lovat

“Old Haunts”: A Series of Vignettes and Visions

Below is my collection of looping animations from the shadowed corners of Lovat, presented chronologically. Distributed in Glorious Monochrome® by Waite Radio Pictures, Inc.

Lucky Star

📍 Denny Lake Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕙 Midmorning


📍 King Station Warren
🌆 Level Four
🕖 Early Evening

Serenade on Two

📍 Martello Warren
🌃 Level Two
🕚 Late Night

Local Service

📍 Martello Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕐 Mid-Day

Licensed Dir. Agents

📍 Unknown Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕚 Late Night

Happy Auseil

📍 Hickman-Franklin Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕝 Early Morning

Title Card for "Social Climber" a Lovatine Vignette of a man riding a public lift

Social Climber

📍 Frink Park Warren
🏙 Btw Lvl. Four & Five
🕜 Early Afternoon

Title Card for "Order Up" a Lovatine Vignette of a neon sign flashing behind the espresso machine in a coffee shop

Order Up

📍 Shantak Coffee
🚢 Deck Three
🕘 Mid-Morning

All of Me

📍 Wilcox Warren
🌇 Level Four
🕢 Morning


Many of these images have been posted on other social media accounts over the last few years and have never fully been assembled into one “master” location. This page has now rectified that oversight, and I will continue to update it as necessary. If you’re confused, take heart, my friend. We all begin as colorless novices. I recommend starting here. (Well, start with my books first, then that post.) Ignore the whispers. Those are just echoes from the wasteland.

See you soon, roader.

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