A Series of Vignettes and Visions

Here you will find a collection of short looping mise en scène from the shadowed corners of Lovat and the vast expanses of the Territories. Each are loosely connected to the world of The Bell Forging Cycle. None are over a minute in length and are presented chronologically and distributed in Glorious Monochrome® by Waite™ Radio Pictures, Inc. Please enjoy.

Lucky Star

📍 Denny Lake Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕙 Midmorning


📍 King Station Warren
🌆 Level Four
🕖 Early Evening

Serenade on Two

📍 Martello Warren
🌃 Level Two
🕚 Late Night

Local Service

📍 Martello Warren
🏙 Level Four
🕐 Mid-Day

Licensed Dir. Agents

📍 Unknown Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕚 Late Night

Happy Auseil

📍 Hickman-Franklin Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕝 Early Morning

Title Card for "Social Climber" a Lovatine Vignette of a man riding a public lift

Social Climber

📍 Frink Park Warren
🏙 Btw Lvl. Four & Five
🕜 Early Afternoon

Title Card for "Order Up" a Lovatine Vignette of a neon sign flashing behind the espresso machine in a coffee shop

Order Up

📍 Shantak Coffee
🚢 Deck Three
🕘 Mid-Morning

All of Me

📍 Wilcox Warren
🌇 Level Four
🕢 Morning

Red-Light Nite

📍 West Lovat Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕦 Late Night

Services Suspended

📍 West Lovat Warren
🌃 Level Three
🕦 Late Night

Remain Calm

📍 Gardner Warren
🌃 Level Five
🕦 Late Night

A Serene Auseil

📍 Pathé Warren
🌃 Level Four
🕠 Early Morning


📍 Peaceable Warren
🏙 Level Five
🕝 Mid-Afternoon

Go to Hell

 📍 Martello Warren
 🏙 Level Four
 🕒 Mid-Afternoon

Alleyway Holiday

📍 The Terraces
🌃 Level Four
🕠 Early Evening

Looking for more?

These are often shorter, more experimental, and less rigid looping mise en scènes designed for TikTok and Instagram Reels. While not as narrative-focused as standard Old Haunts, they provide further glimpses into Lovat and the Territories, where strange things happen unbeknownst to heroes and the machinations of Founders. They’re fun, weird, and occasionally creepy.

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