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A terrible writer.

Confession: I am a terrible writer. I never did well in english class in high school or college, I have a difficult time understanding where the damn semicolon is supposed to go, and I often type weather when I mean whether. It’s rough. I feel sorry for my future editors.

None of this stops me. I will keep writing, and my skills will improve. I have no plans to stop. My next manuscript will be stronger than the next, and the one after that? Well it’ll be even better. I can’t stop. The thing is I love being a storyteller. I love plot. I enjoy creating great characters and constructing believable worlds.

So while I struggle along with my poor keyboard skills and my worse grammer, I won’t stop writing. I’m going to keep it up. Forever. I want to tell these stories, I want to build these worlds, I want to explore these characters, I want to entertain.


If you haven’t noticed, I am actually updating this blog now.

I needed an outlet, and figured someone might find my whole experience interesting. New here? Here’s the down-and-dirty story. I’m a user experience designer trying to cut it as an novelist. I have little formal training, and my skills are only alright, but I think I can tell a good story. So I’m going to try, I have no idea if I will ever succeed, but it’ll be a fun ride. Along the way I’m going to write about my experiences on this blog.

I hope it’ll be riveting. If not I apologize in advance.

I’m not really going to promote this myself, but if you’re reading this. Hey. Welcome to the team. Enjoy the ride.