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Gifting My Books for the 2021 Holidays

2020 was weird enough, and 2021 seems like a worthy successor. Here in the States, our Thanksgiving is tomorrow which usually means it’s time to do our duty as consumers and start thinking about holiday gifts. Once again I wanted to share a guide for gifting my books—and hey, I had a new book arrive this year! It’s a perfect time to give Gleam Upon the Waves or any of my other books as a gift. Plus, if you order a signed copy direct from me, it’ll come with an amazing swag set.

Much of this guide remains the same as previous years, but there are a few small differences. As always, I break it down into signed paperbacks, regular paperbacks, and how you can gift ebooks.

Want Signed or Personalized Books?

🖋 Want Signed/Personalized Books?

Order from my store where I sell and ship signed and personalized books. With recent mail slowdowns, the 2021 deadline to order is now December 8th, a Wednesday. Any orders beyond December 8th might not get to you in time. (I ship via media mail, and the estimate for that is anywhere from two to ten days but it seems to be taking longer these days.) As of 2020, I only ship domestically.

I sign everything from my shop, but if you want your books personalized, make sure to leave me a note in the “Notes or Instructions” field during checkout and let me know the recipient. That’s it! Just click the button below and start shopping.

Ordering Paperbacks From an Online Retailer

📦 Ordering Unsigned Paperbacks from an Online Retailer

Don’t care about signed books? The quickest way to get paperback copies delivered would be by ordering through any of the online retailers. The majority of them offer guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Often they ship for free. (Check the details of their site.) Links to purchase are below.

Giving eBooks as Gifts

📱Giving eBooks as Gifts

Did you know you can give eBooks as gifts? It’s true! There are options available on every platform except Kobo. So, if there is an eBook reader in your life, you can still send them into the Territories and save yourself a little money in the process. Details for each store below.

K. M. Alexander's Books on Amazon Kindle

Order for Kindle →

1. Select the book.
2. Click the “Give as Gift” button.

K. M. Alexander's Books on Barnes & Noble's Nook

Order for Nook →

1. Select the book.
2. Click the “Buy as Gift” button.

Order for iBooks →

1. Select the book.
2. Click “Gift this Book” in the drop-down.

Order for Google Play →

1. Select the book.
2. Click “Buy as Gift”

I hope that clarifies the gifting and ordering options for 2021. If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment, or you are welcome to reach out to me via email: Thanks for your excitement in the Bell Forging Cycle and your interest in sharing Wal’s adventures with your friends and family. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

Come See Me at TBRcon 2022!

FanFiAddict’s streaming speculative fiction convention TBRcon is coming back next year, and once again, I’m going to be a part of it! Join Moderator Sadie Hartmann (aka Mother Horror) along with Adam Cesare, Laurel Hightower, Gabino Iglesias, Tim Meyer, and myself as we discuss The History of Horror on Tuesday, January 25th, at 10 A.M. PST. Horror panels are always a fun time, and this is a fantastic crew of people. I’m really excited.

The convention will stream online from January 23rd through the 30th and feature live panels and live gaming sessions. I had a great time last year. (Check out my recap here.) Also, be sure to check out the official TBRcon 2022 page for details about the other panels this year, as well as schedules, sponsors, times, where-to-steam, and much more. (I’ll announce details as we get closer to the convention.)

TBRcon is free to stream. So mark your calendars and join us!

Open Call for Unutterable Cosmic Horror Items

Every year since 2014, I have assembled a holiday gift guide filled with cosmic-horror goodies. It’s become one of my favorite annual projects. Our little corner of the horror world is full of talented creators, and I like to use the gift guide as a way to highlight some of the fabulous weird-fiction-related items I’ve discovered throughout the year. 2021 will be no different. (I’ll link to previous guides below so you can see what I’ve featured previously.)

That said, I am but one man, and there’s always cool stuff out there I missed. I could use your help. As I have for the last several years, I’m getting an early jump on assembling the guide. And it’s always worthwhile to do an open call and see what else lurks in the internet’s shadowed corners. This is that open call! Link me cool stuff! What have you found, dear reader? I want to know about it, and I’m sure others do too.

As always, the categories are:

  • Books (I generally have this covered)
  • Music
  • Apparel (no teeshirts—there’s a bajillion of them)
  • Games (no, I will not feature Bloodborne, it gets plenty of love already)
  • Housewares
  • Miskatonic University

You can leave a comment below (I approve all non-bot comments), tweet at me, or just drop me an email. Let me know what you’ve found that would be perfect for this year’s Gift Guide! Thanks in advance.

Previous Cosmic Horror Gift Guides

As promised, below are links to the guides from the last seven years. Some of the products were one-offs, are out of print, or just aren’t sold anymore. Don’t be shocked if you find some broken links. Especially in those earlier guide. It happens. Still, loads of cool stuff.

❄️ 20202019 – 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 – 2014 ❄️

The eighth annual 2021 Cosmic Horror Holiday Gift Guide arrives on Black Friday, the darkest and most vile winter holiday. So, be sure to return here to see this year’s thematic selection. Tell your friends! Share with your family! Shout it from the rooftops! It’s going to be a good one. 🦑

Three Great Horror Reads for Halloween 2021

I can’t remember the last time it hasn’t rained on Halloween in Seattle. But right now it’s cold and crisp and the sky is clear and the sun is out. It’s a pretty incredible fall day. Should be good weather for tonight’s trick-or-treaters. But we’re not here to talk about Seattle weather, we’re here to talk horror books! It’s now become a tradition for me to recommend three horror novels to spook up your Halloween season.

This is the third year I’ve done this, if you want to see my previous recommendations check out my selections from 2019 or from 2020. All the links below will go to IndieBound (Support your local indie book store!), and author links will go to their website or blog.

So, what are my choices for this year? Well, I am glad you asked…

Whispers in the Dark

by Laurel Hightower

What begins as a police procedural quickly reveals itself to be much more. Part ghost story, part urban fantasy, yet somehow grounded in a pulse-pounding realism. An engaging tale that subverts standard tropes while also exploring the ramifications of abuse and how the echoes of its trauma that can extend through generations. After finishing I immediately went and picked up Hightower’s latest novel, Crossroads.

The Beauty

by Aliya Whiteley

This was recommended by M. R. Carey during our panel for TBR Con earlier this year and I’m glad I picked it up. The Beauty is a dark thought-provoking heart-of-mankind story about history, myth, and the stories we tell all set in a future world without women. It’s a bit of an allegory which isn’t something I typically enjoy, but it works well here and the story told stuck with me for months. A small but powerful novel that is very much worth your time.

The Worm and His Kings

by Hailey Piper

This novella landed late last year and I was glad I gave it some attention. Set in New York in the 90s when the Freedom Tunnel was an underground homeless encampment Piper weaves a unique cosmic horror story that explores gender identity, personal relationships, and poverty. A fresh and welcome voice that both brings something new to the genre and still sits solidly within the cosmic horror tradition.

So there are three more great horror novels for this year. If you’re looking at spooking up your Fall, I recommend checking one of them out. Now, how about you? What are your favorite horror novels from the last few years? Leave a comment below and let everyone know!

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The Stories So Far

I have made a new video, well… videos, really. Headphones recommended. Check it out:

As many of you have noticed, I’ve started to experiment with more video content lately. Seeing what I can do by taking advantage of vertical formats found on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Along with these experiments, I’m also trying to be more mindful in promoting my books.

So, for fun, I assembled the four looping animations you can see in the videos above, and I’ve been sharing them on Instagram and TikTok for the last few days. Each is designed to fill a vertical smartphone screen and loop seamlessly. I’m pleased with the result.

With each book, I’ve had an undercurrent of thematic “elements,” and each of these videos is based upon those. These aren’t the traditional four elements but beats designed to help me focus on the sensory side of worldbuilding. The Stars Were Right had its darkness and shadow, Old Broken Road was fog or mist, Red Litten World had its icy cold, and Gleam Upon the Waves was obviously water and the sea and I have more planned for the two remaining books.

If you’re new to my series, the first book, The Stars Were Right is available on eBook for only $2.99. You can find out more over here, and expand your knowledge about the weird world of the Territories here.

Let me know what you think of the videos in the comments below. Feel free to share any of them with friends who you think would love the series. Leaving reviews/ratings and word of mouth is the best way you can help me promote my books.

Happy spooky season, everyone!

Check Out My SPFM Interview!

September was Self Published Fantasy Month, and I was lucky enough to participate and I gave an interview with the crew there. It’s varied, and much is discussed from my reasoning for indie publishing, how I celebrate the wins, common pitfalls for new writers, some of my favorite indie books, and I describe a tavern in Lovat—The Marsh Bed—a place I now consider canon. Click the button below and read it today.

While you’re there, be sure to follow/bookmark the SPFM blog. They’re a great site with a ton of content. It’s a solid place to find a fantastic collection of indie titles to fill out your TBR list. They’re also active on Twitter and Instagram. So give ’em a follow across the web, and you’ll be set when the next Self Published Fantasy Month rolls around.

🎙 Interviews & Articles

Looking for further conversations with me? Perhaps you’re interested in articles I’ve written elsewhere? You can find all of this and more at my About Page. There’s a lot of great stuff with posts going back as far as 2013.