The Hunt for Red October Gifs

The Hunt for Red October Gifs

Yesterday, while having a discussion with Kari-Lise about how cold it was outside, I realized there was a perfect scene from the 1990 Tom Clancy classic The Hunt for Red October that would punctuate the moment. I needed an animated gif. After spending some time searching, I came up with nothing. In fact, there weren’t many animated .gifs from The Hunt for Red October at all, which prompted this tweet:

Thankfully, my friend Miguel Mascorro (@FutureTuesday on Twitter) heard my call and offered to help, and boy oh boy did he help. Not only did he make my requested .gif, but he also went above and beyond and made six reaction gifs from the film.

Without further ado, I present to you six high-quality animated gifs from The Hunt for Red October.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #1

This is the perfect reaction gif when something has caught your attention. The quick pan of the camera and Jack Ryan’s expression works very well for those intense moments.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #2

“This business will get out of control. It’ll get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.” Upset? Annoyed? Angry? Use this gif of Admiral Painter’s reaction to the plane crash on the flight deck of his carrier.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #3
Sometimes things move slower than you expect. This Marko Ramius gif might be the perfect hurry along to accompany your requests.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #4
Sometimes we see things we cannot see (Cannot Unsee), and our reaction mirrors Marko Ramius in this little gif. It’s the perfect follow-up to those moments.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #5
Marko Ramius reclining and thinking. This gif is subtle, but it can be quite helpful during those more introspective moments.

The Hunt for Red October Animated Gif #6
Here it is! This was the gif I had been searching for yesterday, see not only was it cold here in Seattle, it was cold… [long pause] and hard. Which is a critical distinction during those circumstances.

So, there you go! Because of Miguel’s help the internet is now no longer lacking in The Hunt for Red October animated gifs. In fact, we now have a plethora of fantastic .gifs to choose from. So use ’em, don’t abuse ’em, and make sure you reach out on Twitter and say thank you to Miguel.

Friday Link Pack 4/11/14

The Most Grotesque Humanoid Monsters of the Early Modern Age

It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


The Stars Were $2.99
I’m having a sale! For a limited time ebook editions of The Stars Were Right can be purchased for only $2.99! Grab a copy today.

Writing Fiction: 5 Lessons From Game Of Thrones
Nice article from The Creative Pen examining the strategies the creators of HBO’s Game of Thrones use to keep viewers engaged.

The Grimly Grim Hallmark Of Awfully Bad Writing
Thanks to Josh for grimly sharing this grim article about the overuse of grim in modern sci-fi and fantasy. It’s an easy enough fix, but something to be grimly mindful of, even I have grimly observed my own grim use of the word.


The Firefly Time-Lapse
(The bug, not the series.) Awesome little video of fireflies lighting up the night.

France just made it illegal to answer work emails after 6pm
…and now I want to move to France.

Travel to the alien jungle with the sci-fi short ‘Prospect’
Nice product value. Great atmosphere. A solid 13 minute short that was filmed in my own backyard. Recommended.

The Most Grotesque Humanoid Monsters of the Early Modern Age
io9 collects images from the 15th century depicting disturbing and ultimately sorta silly monsters.

Overlook Hotel Carpet Socks

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

A man and a city and a dream.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

This is what I am like when my wife is out of town.

The Moon in rotation

The MoonSaw this on io9 and figured I’d share it with the hope that maybe it will inspire someone. (Even started a whole new category for this kind of stuff.) Besides, how could it not? It’s a rad animated gif of the Moon! See io9’s post right here.

Reading Recommendation: flux machine

debris by kevin wier

Sometimes you come across a blog that is visually overwhelming, so much so that it’s hard to describe in words. flux machine by Kevin Wier is exactly that. Dark, mysterious, and sometimes creepy animated gifs subtly (and sometimes no so subtly) paint pictures of worlds that seem to exist beyond our normal comprehension and in doing so they send shivers down your spine. It’s incredible work.