Friday Link Pack 09/18/2015

Friday Link Pack 09/18/2015

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it’s back! It’s time for the Friday Link Pack. Some of these links I’ve mentioned on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Do you have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Click here to email me and let me know! (Include a website so I can link to you as well.) Let’s get to it…


[Note: As we draw closer and closer to the October 6th release date I will have new Red Litten World news every week, fitting we give it its own category.]

Read A Free Sample Chapter Of Red Litten World Today
You can read an excerpt from my next novel for free over on its official site. I hope you enjoy it, help spread the word and please tell your friends!

Red Litten World Is Available For Preorder
Preorders are open! You can order the eBook of Red Litten World and have it delivered to your reader the morning of October 6th. Simple and efficient. (There ares a few platforms that don’t allow for preordering, for those Red Litten World will still arrive October 6th, but you’ll have to purchase it the old fashioned way.)


The Most Banned And Challenged Books Of 2014
File under books you should read. Some of these are surprising, some aren’t. Some have been there a while. (It’s no secret I am a huge fan of #6, as a matter of fact, I just got the recent trade of Saga in the mail a few days ago! Yay!)

H. P. Lovecraft & H. R. Giger: How Their Dreams Became Our Nightmares
A great guest post by John A. DeLaughter over on Lovecraft eZine focusing on Lovecraft and Giger and how the visions of these two quiet and nondescript men entered the collective consciousness and pop culture.

5 Lessons Learned From Writing 10 Fiction Books
Mystery author Joanna Penn can easily be called an industry veteran, and with the release of her latest book, Deviance, she has offered to share advice she’s learned after writing ten novels. It’s good stuff, and worth a read. Also, if you’re a mystery fan grab one of her books.

China Miéville’s 6 Favorite Books
My favorite weird fiction author shares his top six books. As you’d expect they’re not mainstream darlings, a really unique selection. (Miéville has a new collection of short stories out as well, I just started Three Moments of an Explosion and I’m really enjoying it.)

Crunch Time: The Realities Of Indie Publishing
What does it take to launch a book as an indie publisher? Quite a bit actually and doing it right takes a lot of effort. In this post, I go into details on my book launching process and even include my list for the launch of Red Litten World.


A Lovelorn Theft
My amazing wife and partner, Kari-Lise, latest series is now on view at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco and it’s amazing. (There’s only a handful of pieces left so if something catches your eye make sure you contact Kim at Modern Eden.) We went down to SF last weekend for the opening. It was great meeting everyone, big thank-you to those who came out and said “hello!”

New Cubist Tattoos By Peter Aurisch
I love it when tattoos break the conventional idea of what a tattoo should be, instead of another pretend sailor icon the owner chooses something fresh and unique that stands out. This work from Peter Aurisch fits that latter group.


What The Hell Are These?? (WARNING: Not For The Faint Of Heart)
You’ll never guess what these weird looking appendages belong to. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but yeah… creepy and disturbing. Nature is wacky. [Thanks to my editor, Lola Landekic for sharing this with me. I think.]

Don’t Ignore The Background [Video]
One of my absolute favorite YouTube shows, Nerdwriter, explores the visual stories told in the background of one of my absolute favorite movies, Alfonso Cuarón’s Children of Men. There are a lot of great lessons about subtle storytelling and worldbuilding here, stuff I use myself when I write my books. This video is very much worth your eight minutes.

Iconic Book Covers Come To Life In Beautiful, Subtle GIFs
Classic book covers animated. The result is as the title suggests often beautiful. Would be cool to see this sort of thing become “a thing” it’s a fun way to draw attention to books. That said, if you’re an author and you want to do something similar for your own book, consider contacting Albinson Design, their work is fantastic. (They do book trailers as well.)


Shadow Person
“A shadow person (also known as a shadow figure, shadow being or black mass) is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity. Many methamphetamine addicts report hallucinations of “shadow people”, as a result of sleep deprivation.”

[FUN & RANDOM FACT: The umbra species from my Lovecraftian urban fantasy series, The Bell Forging Cycle, is partially inspired by shadow people.]


The Very Old Folk
Found in a 1927 letter addressed to Donald Wandrei, this story is: the roman legion meets The Hills Have Eyes with a dash of Dallas.


a clown

"The Intruder" by Adam Miller

Friday Link Pack 10/03/14

THUNDERCLAP! It is Friday. That means it’s time to share a few interesting links I’ve found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know! All right, let’s get to it:

Old Broken Road:

Old Broken Road Is Coming October 14th!
The wait will finally be over. In a little under twelve days Old Broken Road arrives!

Check Out The First Old Broken Road Print Proof
In case you missed it. Last night I received my first print proof. I was able to take a few photos to show some of the details.


Ask Kami: How Do I Deal With Writer’s Block?
As authors we all face times where we struggle with writing. Often those struggles are lumped together under the banner of “writers block.” But the reasons are often more complicated. Author Kami McArthur (@Kami_Marynda) delves into common causes that form the brick wall. Good advice.

Famous Writers On The Creative Benefits of Keeping a Diary
I don’t keep a diary, but perhaps I should. Brain Pickings explores the concept around the “elusive art of solitude” with thoughts from everyone from Woolf to Thoreau to Plath. Maybe in 2015, I’ll start small with The Standard Memorandum.

Banned Books That Shaped America
Last week was Banned Books Week a time when we reflect on all the amazing piece of literature frightened people try to censor. This is a great list of incredible books that have been banned/challenged but have still had an incredible impact on American society.

The 12 Weirdest Reasons For Banning Science Fiction And Fantasy Books
io9 examines some of the strangest reasons that famous sci-fi and fantasy books have been challenged. My favorite was the reason behind banning, The Wizard of Oz, why? Theologically impossible. What?

Little Free Libraries Add Charm To Neighborhoods
If you have followed me for any length of time you know I’m a big supporter of Little Free Libraries. I think the idea is swell and I’d encourage everyone to get involved. Swapping books with neighbors is a great way to build community.


Twilight In Arcadia 2013 – 2014
The work of Adam Miller harkens back to a classical approach to painting, but the tone, and subject matter holds a mirror to modern society. Love this stuff. (Thanks to Kari-Lise for the submission.) Oh, Miller’s work contains naked people. Consider yourself warned.

The Missing Scarf
Just watch it. It’s incredible. George Takei narrated the hell out of this short. (Thanks to Peter for the submission.)

What Rot: A Look At The Striking “Transi” Corpse Sculptures
Atlas Obscura explores the strange “transi sculptures” which depicts the body in transition after death. Fascinating stuff.


Floating Drone Lamps Would Be Freaking Amazing
One of the coolest projects I have seen in a while. Lamps attached to drones. (Thanks to Lola for sharing this with me.)

Emma Watson: Gender Equality Is Your Issue Too
It’d be nice to think gender equality is universal. The stark fact is: it isn’t. Often modern society puts on blinders and goes about believing it’s not a big deal. Which hurts far more than we realize. Thankfully, folks are working to change that. Emma Watson’s speech in front of the UN is both brave and incredible. As a man and a feminist, I completely side with her, and I have joined her #HeForShe movement. Everyone should read this speech it’s smart and poignant. Be the change you want to see in society.

All The Comments On Every Recipe Blog
This is true. This is all so very true.

Iconic Portrait Photos Throughout History Recreated With John Malkovich As The Subject
I love the internet.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

This week, instead of highlighting a story. Let’s visit one of Lovecraft’s most well known poems. Thro’ the ghoul-guarded gateways of slumber…

Gif of the Week:

The bunny is back in the box.