Spam & Comments

Spam & Comments

In the last week, I’ve seen a significant uptick in spam comments here on my blog. Comments aren’t something I get a lot of on this blog and, generally speaking, WordPress’ Akismet service does an excellent job of filtering the noise. But with thousands of spam comments coming in I started seeing several an hour slip through my fortifications. Since I manually approve every comment, spam has moved from annoyance to problem.

At this point, the easiest solution is to turn off comments for older posts. (Spambots are really keen on old posts for some reason.) Most real people don’t comment on older content—so I don’t think it hurts anything killing comments there. Going forward if something strikes your fancy around here, you’ll have seven days to comment. After that comments will be closed.

Have something you want to say to me on older content, new content, or just anything in general. Shoot me an email.

My Beta Readers’ Comments on “The Stars Were Right”

I wanted to share some comments I have received from my beta readers roaders regarding my upcoming novel “The Stars Were Right.” Some of this is NSFW so consider yourself warned. Want to read a bit yourself? Check out the free excerpt! Anyway… to the comments:

Totally blown away.

I didn’t put that sucker down for 6 hours.

finished! i really enjoyed it!

Sadly, I can’t literally visit the world you’ve created, but reading about it is the next best thing.

this is like a real book.

i must of liked it more than I realized because I want to read more.

AAA+++. Would stay up all night reading it again. And again.

I love it! There’s some really fucking awesome concepts here, KMA.


This was a fantastic read. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from beginning to end.

Now am on pins and needles awaiting Old Broken Road! No pressure though ;)

The reaction from my readers to Stars has been far and away the best I have received from my beta readers. I can’t wait until release and it’s available for everyone!