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Summer Reading Kindle Sale!

The Stars Were Right by K. M. Alexander
For the next month The Stars Were Right is on sale for Kindle for only $1.99! That’s a savings of three whole dollars. It’s now less than the cost of a Big Mac and a hell of a lot more fun. I promise.

Want to know more before you jump into the world of Lovat? You can read the Prologue on The Stars Were Right‘s website and see what others are saying over on Goodreads! If you’re not a Kindle owner you can still get a lovely paperback copy from Barnes & Noble, direct from me, or over on Amazon. (Sadly not for $1.99)

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The Stars Were Right on Smashwords

I am platform agnostic. If you have a favorite place to read I want to have my books available there. With that goal in mind I’m happy to announce that The Stars Were Right is now available on Smashwords. As with everywhere else it’s available for a limited time with a sale price of $2.99 (and should be through the end of the month.) Enjoy!

Signed Copies of “The Stars Were Right” Sold Out Again

The Stars Were Right

Just a quick update: as of this morning I am sold out of signed copies of The Stars Were Right (again!) This is actually perfect timing since I ship everything myself and I am about to head off on vacation any orders would have been delayed by a few weeks which isn’t ideal. Sorry for those of you who missed out on this batch, I’ll get more signed copies back in stock when I return. Until then, you can always get a paperback copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and eBooks just about everywhere.

Friday Link Pack 01/17/14

The Seattle Archipelago

It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming year? Let me know!


Two-Thirds of Kids Now Reading Digitally
Impressive new numbers regarding the ever expanding market of digital reading. In a lot of ways what we seem to be seeing isn’t a replacement of books but a whole new secondary market. Exciting.

22 Reasons Why Commas Are The Most Important Things In The World
Some very valid examples showing why commas are very important. (Thanks to Drew Gerkin for sharing this on Twitter.)

The Onion Reviews ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’
It’s good. Watch it.


Timelapse of Austin Parkhill painting “Ringle”
Great video showing Parkhill working on his ultra-realistic paintings at an impressive scale. Beautiful work.

UPDATE: You can see higher res versions of this and more on Austin Parkhill’s website as well. Check it out at:


So Much for Net Neutrality
As a citizen of the internet you should be educated on this subject. It’s bad for the internet and that means it’s bad for you. We’re now just one step closer to letting enormous companies monopolize our open platform.

The Seattle Archipelago
Jeffrey Linn, a campus planner at the University of Washington, has created a fascinating map showing what my hometown would look like based on a 240′ rise in sea level should all of the world’s ice sheets melt. Hummm…

The Raddest Scuba Mask Ever
Since I’ll be under water eventually, here’s a scuba mask that created breathable oxygen on it’s own. No tanks. So cool. Just in time.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Hoard of the Wizard-Beast
A team up tale from H.P. Lovecraft and R.H. Barlow. Clearly weird fiction writers like to abbreviate their first names.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

What is this...I don't even.


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The Stars Were Right is available on Nook!

The Stars Were Right on Nook

I am pleased to announce that “The Stars Were Right” is finally available on Nook. It’s been a slog, but the formatting kinks are now worked out and it’s at a place where I feel comfortable releasing it! Jeeze! Finally!

Get “The Stars Were Right” for your Nook!

I hope you all enjoys the book! Don’t forget to add “The Stars Were Right” to your Goodreads profile, and when you’re done let me know what you think!

Kobogeddon & “The Stars Were Right”

So last week The Kernel broke a story about Amazon and other ebook retailers selling selling “barely legal” erotic fiction. While there hasn’t been much of a response from Amazon, ebook retailer Kobo immediately reacted by removing all indie books, not just erotic fiction, from its UK store, pending review.

Now this week many indie titles in the US and CA stores are currently unavailable, and the internet is reacting. As an indie author I had to see if this affected me and yes, even my own title: “The Stars Were Right” is currently listed as unavailable. (Despite having zero erotic content.) Now as I jokingly tweeted last week the good news is some lucky Kobo employee will get to read “The Stars Were Right.” Woohoo! I hope they add it to Goodreads. The bad news is if you were planning on buying Stars for your Kobo device it’s currently unavailable.

It’s frustrating, but fret not, I believe in redundancy and if you want to read “The Stars Were Right” there are still a number of ways you can get it:

You’ll also see both iBooks and Barnes & Noble coming online in the next few weeks, and print copies will be available soon! As always there will be more updates as I have them.

Let’s hope Kobo figures this out and we can all move past the #Kobogeddon and get back to reading some good books.