A Brief Hiatus

A Brief Hiatus

Beginning today, I Make Stories will be on a brief hiatus as Kari-Lise and I are taking a week and traveling to the emptiness of Iceland to camp, hike, and explore. Since I’ll be lost in the back country most of the time, I won’t have reliable internet access so there’s little reason for me to try to keep up here. (I miiiight post to Instagram or Twitter should I find a signal.) I won’t be gone long, the plan is to return next week physically exhausted but mentally refreshed and inspired. We’ll see how I do.

For those of you who religiously visit to check out my Friday Link Packs (Thanks!) don’t worry, I have a special guest lined up to step into my shoes on the 28th. But, you’ll have to wait until the automated post goes live on Friday to find out who it will be. I’ll see all y’all in September.

A Memo Of Things

Did you get that memo?
I have a little list of things I have been wanting to post about. I figured a single post is easier than a bunch of little posts. So anyway, let’s get to it!

  • Bad news first: there will be no Friday Link Pack this week. Sorry about that! Since I am traveling to Spokane for SpoCon I won’t have time to assemble a weekly collection of linky goodness. If you’re jonesing for a fix feel free to scroll back through the Friday Link Pack archive. I’m sure you’ll find stuff you missed.
  • If you are a regular visitor I’m sure you’ve noticed there have been some changes to the Project Tracker on the right. A few new projects have cropped up, and another one has finished. What could they be! I’ll have a full announcement coming soon but for now enjoy this little teaser site (with headphones!) It is exceptionally teasery.
  • I am currently obsessed with Hell on Wheels, which is good, as I need something to occupy my downtime until football season officially starts. I put it off for a while, but now that I am watching it regularly I am really digging it. It’s a solid western with some great characters. It is worth a watch.
  • SpoCon attendees: I’ll see you soon! I’m excited to meet folks, sell some books, and visit the city of my birth. My booth is located right outside of the dealers room so stop by and say hello and grab some free swag. I got a ton of stickers, bookmarks, and buttons that are yours for the taking. If you can’t make it to SpoCon hit up my Free Stuff page and find out how you can get a swag pack. It’s easy, and free, well… it’ll cost you two stamp. So it’s easy, and like ninety-something cents.

That’s it! I’ll be back next week with news and most likely a bunch of pictures of snazzy cosplayers.


Going to the Moon, BRB

Starting tomorrow my blog will be on temporary hiatus. I will be traveling to Australia to accompany Kari-Lise to her solo show “Here Amid the Wild Woods” in Melbourne. Afterward we’ll be hanging around the city for a few weeks. There we will eat good food, drink good drinks, hang with good friends, explore the city (and surrounding Victoria.) Calling this a hiatus is probably bit disingenuous, I may or may not post depending on time/muse/weather/etc but my first goal is to unplug, not blog.

Friday Link Packs will still be posted! Fellow writer Drew Gerken will be picking up the slack in my absence. So make sure you head over to his blog on Fridays for the next three weeks to get your weekly fix of fantastic links.

In my absence there’s also four other blogs I’d recommend you check out:

The Shatzkin Files
Mike Shatzkin is by far one of the best sources for opinions and news on the publishing industry. It doesn’t matter how you publish, you should be reading his blog. Lots of insight.

Dave Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants
Tips and trick on the craft. Farland is a speculative fiction veteran with a lot of solid advice. I’ve called out specific articles in the past but I’d recommend you visit him on a regular basis.

Lauren Sapala
My friend Lauren is a writing coach based out of San Francisco and she offers a lot though on the process of writing. If you’re looking for encouragement look no further than Lauren.

The Passive Voice
News, quotes, and opinion pieces collected from around the web. The Passive Voice is to writing and publishing what Engadget is to technology. A fantastic resource.

I’ll see you all in March.