Old Haunts β€” Vignettes and Visions from the City of Lovat

Old Haunts: Red-Light Nite

πŸ“ West Lovat Warren
πŸŒƒ Level Three
πŸ•¦ Late Night



“A tall figure passed the throng. It was clad in black, its head topped with a tall sharp pointed hood. It drifted silent and unnoticed through the crowd, like a lingering shadow. Dark robes floated about its form like an ebony fog. Where a face should have been was… nothing. No eyeholes were cut into its hood, no outline of a nose pressed at the back of the fabric.”

β€”Waldo Bell, Red Litten World

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Lucky Star

πŸ“ Denny Lake Warren
πŸ™ Level Four
πŸ•™ Midmorning


πŸ“ King Station Warren
πŸŒ† Level Four
πŸ•– Early Evening

Serenade on Two

πŸ“ Martello Warren
πŸŒƒ Level Two
πŸ•š Late Night

Local Service

πŸ“ Martello Warren
πŸ™ Level Four
πŸ• Mid-Day

Licensed Dir. Agents

πŸ“ Unknown Warren
πŸŒƒ Level Three
πŸ•š Late Night

Happy Auseil

πŸ“ Hickman-Franklin Warren
πŸŒƒ Level Three
πŸ• Early Morning

Title Card for "Social Climber" a Lovatine Vignette of a man riding a public lift

Social Climber

πŸ“ Frink Park Warren
πŸ™ Between Level Four & Five
πŸ•œ Early Afternoon

Title Card for "Order Up" a Lovatine Vignette of a neon sign flashing behind the espresso machine in a coffee shop

Order Up

πŸ“ Shantak Coffee
🚒 Deck Three
πŸ•˜ Mid-Morning

All of Me

πŸ“ Wilcox Warren
πŸŒ‡ Level Four
πŸ•’ Morning

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Music sample: β€œRainy Day Blues” by Jump Jackson and his Band
Other audio from Freesounds. Special thanks to: efike, giddster, ramston, and ynef.

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