Project 2501: Recreating Ghost in Hong Kong

Recreating Ghost in Hong Kong

It’ll probably come as no surprise that Ghost in the Shell was a big influence on me when I was writing my fictional city of Lovat for The Stars Were Right. Something about a layered megalopolis with towers rising above water soaked streets and residents living lives in shadowed alleys lit only by neon lights resonated with me. (For another real-life example see: Kowloon Walled City, it’s fascinating.)

I was pretty excited when I stumbled across Random Wire‘s Project 2501 – a photographer recreating scenes from Ghost in the Shell in modern Hong Kong. It’s pretty impressive how close he’s able to get to the stills from the series. The video below does a good job in tying Hong Kong to Ghost’s New Port City but the comparison shots are even more fascinating. It’s a visual treat and one I would encourage you to explore: see the full project here.