Lovat: The Board Game

Lovat: The GameThere has been a recent resurgence in interest in board games among myself and my friends. I’m not talking about the boring simple board games that I lothed to play as a kid. Now we’re all drawn to much more complex games with deep strategic elements.

Imagine my surprise when for Christmas my good friends Steve and Sarah designed and built an incredible and enormous board game based on The Stars Were Right. Yep, an awesome game based on my book! I was (and still am) stunned. Here’s what Lovat: The Board Game looks like:

Lovat: The Game
Lovat: The Board Game (Photo by @Haloform. Table by Steve at Ruby Pear.)

As you play you build the city of Lovat, moving around your pawn (based on the races from the book) and try to nab bits of treasure from the various neighborhoods before other players can get to it. The higher up you go the more power you wield and the more power you wield the more you’re able to build and move. There’s a ton of strategy too it: do you go tall and ignore the bonus treasure, or do you move quickly and try to capture as many bonuses as you can before the game ends? It makes for some interesting and really fun gameplay.

Lovat: The Board Game
Sarah plotting her sneak attack win. (Photo by @Steveler)

Steve and Sarah put so much work into the creation of the game, between the crafting, the play testing, the custom woodwork, all of it. I’m flattered they would go to all this trouble, and I’m a little overwhelmed that my book inspired two of the most awesome people ever to make me something so great. Thanks you two, you’re the best.

Now I want to convince them to Kickstart this so everyone can play it.

(Oh, and my awesome table in the first picture. Yeah, Steve made that as well. He’s an amazing woodworker and if you’re looking for some custom furniture I highly recommend him. Check out RubyPear.com to see more of his work.)

R’lyeh Inspired Gifting

Jen Chan from Foodpr0n sent me this picture of her R’leyh inspired packaging for The Stars Were Right that she gave her Secret Santa. I’m way impressed and I’m stoked to see readers sharing Stars with others! Have you seen a cooler or more terrifying way to have a book delivered? I haven’t.

The Stars Were GiftedThe box comes from Meatspider Studios on Etsy. Their work is awesome. You can see more of their work and buy your own box at their Etsy shop. Thanks to Jen for sending this to me. Make sure you check out her blog and I highly recommend you follow her on twitter.