Friday Link Pack Guest Post for 08/28/2015

Friday Link Pack Guest Post

When this post goes live Kari-Lise and I will be somewhere in Iceland. (Really, I have zero idea where we’ll be, we’re not planning our travels, just going where the trail takes us.) However, I didn’t want my absence to rob my loyal readers of their weekly Friday Link Pack. That’d just be cruel! Thankfully, my friend William Munn offered to step in and help out. So you can read today’s Friday Link Pack over on his blog! Just click this link and check out Will’s Friday Link Pack for 08/28/2015 →

Big thank you to Will for stepping in to help out. He is a writer with a lot of talent and I’m really excited to read his future sci-fi The Galaxy and All Her Charms. In the meantime, Will has recently started posting a free serial story every Friday on his blog and it started out great. Check it out here →

Enjoy today’s Friday Link Pack and I’ll see you all next week.

Cthulhu the Wimp

Cthulhu The Wimp

At Norwescon, I was happy to meet fellow writer and Seattle Geekly alumni, Michael G. Munz. Michael is another Seattle-based speculative fiction author. While we were at the con he asked me if I’d be interesting writing a geeky guest post for his blog. He left it open to anything I wanted and mentioned something Lovecraftian would be nice. I was more than happy to oblige and had the perfect idea. Hence my post for his Guest Geek section, where I pick on everyone’s favorite elder god, Cthulhu the Wimp. Here’s how the post starts:

We see Cthulhu everywhere. In art, he’s usually rising from the ocean on the back of his ruined city. His narrow glowing eyes stare at the viewer. His face draped with writhing tentacles. Membranous wings stretch from his expansive back. It’s an engaging image and it has seeped into pop culture. From fan art to toys, from toys to plushies, from plushies to video games, Cthulhu is everywhere. His terrifying visage has certainly ubiquitous among Lovecraft’s creations. He’s the de facto and beloved mascot for the mythos. But, what if all this love and terror is based on false presumptions? What if I was to tell you that Cthulhu wasn’t all that terrifying. That he’s more a product of good marketing and overzealous rumormongering? What if Cthulhu is, in fact, a wimp?

You can read the rest of my post over at Michael’s blogI had a lot of fun writing it. Check it out and tell me what you think. Am I right? Is ‪Cthulhu‬ a wimp or am I completely off base? Leave a comment, I want to know!

Also, be sure to check out Michael’s books including his latest: Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure (which is currently sitting on my nightstand) and his ongoing near future sci-fi series the New Aeneid Cycle.