My SPFBO Interview

My SPFBO Interview

SPFBO 4 is in full swing. Some folks are advancing already while others have been eliminated. Eventually, the final ten will emerge. It’s been fun watching the community rally and support one another. Yeah, this is an award contest, and we’re all each other’s competition, but it is also very good-natured and encouraging which is really refreshing. We need more of that in the science fiction and fantasy community.

To celebrate the contest, author Michael R. Baker had undertaken a bold quest. He is attempting to interview every one of the three hundred contestants. An admirable and impressive goal. Believe me, I know. Blog posts take a lot of work. Yesterday, it was my turn, and you can read our conversation by clicking on the button below. It was a lot of fun. We discuss my projects, The Stars Were Right, inspiration, the advice I have for aspiring authors, and a whole lot more.

SPFBO Entry Interview: K. M. Alexander

Big thank you to Michael for the opportunity. You can follow him and his crusade at his blog at, and be sure to follow him on Twitter. Likewise, make sure to check out his dark fantasy novel The Thousand Scars—also apart of SPFBO 4.

Good luck to the rest of the entrants! I look forward to reading all of your interviews with Michael in the coming days.

🎙 Interviews & Articles

Looking for further conversations with me? Perhaps you’re interested in articles I’ve written elsewhere? You can find all of this and more at my About Page. There’s a lot of great stuff with posts going back as far as 2013.

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Old Broken Road

Friday Link Pack 10/17/2014

Old Broken Road launch week draws to a close. That means it’s time to share a few interesting links I’ve found over the last few days. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know! All right, let’s get to it.

Old Broken Road:

Old Broken Road is out now!
Both eBook and trade paperbacks are available now! You should go buy it. :D

Traveling The Broken Road: An Author Interview With K. M. Alexander
Thomas Fowler and I discuss Old Broken Road, advertising, design, book marketing, indie publishing, and more.

Listen to my Dungeon Crawler Radio Interview
Last night I was interviewed by the guys over at Dungeon Crawlers Radio. I had a lot of fun and recommend giving it a listen.


Here’s Why H.P. Lovecraft Matters More Than Ever
The Wall Street Journal talks Lovecraft, his racism, his views on science, and his resonating effect on popular culture.

Study Reveals: A Trip To The Library Feels The Same As A $2,282 Pay Raise
Well, there you go. Clearly we all need to go to the library more.

5 Things Beta Readers Should Know Before They Agree To The Task
Great post by Lauren Sapala on beta reading, what it takes, and how we as readers can maximize the help we provide. (This would be a good one to send to any new beta readers you are working with. hint. hint.)

Got Workflow? Step by Step To Better Books
J. W. Manus gives some practical advice for laying out and formatting your manuscript for publication. I see a lot of new writers completely ignore layout and it’s incredibly important.

Thing You Should Know When Writing About Guns
Good advice from Wendig about how guns work, what parts of guns are called, and how to use them effectively and realistically in your own work. (This isn’t a post about legality, it’s about using weapons in fiction.)


Nine Eyes
Strange and often surreal images found on Google street view. You can see a lot more at (Thanks to Sky for this submission.)

An amazing short film. Wandering a dark forest, a solitary creature encounters something unknown with only curiosity to lead the way.


The Crazy Bi-Level Buses Of The North Coast Lines
A photo essay on a very particular kind of bi-level bus that was produced in the Pacific Northwest during the 1920s. Some awesome stuff. It was strangely inspiring for me.

The World’s Biggest Submarine
A photo essay of the Typhoon/Shark class of Russian subs. I knew these things were big, but I didn’t realize they were this big. Makes me want to go watch The Hunt for Red October. “One ping only.”

Film Psychology: The Shining, Spatial Awareness & Set Design
Nice little doco on how Stanley Kubrick used spatial awareness on the set of the Shining. Make sure to watch Part 2 as well.

Equal Population Mapper
How many counties of the midwest does it take to equal the population squeezed into New York? LA? The coasts? This fascinating interactive map allows you to compare density across the US.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Lurking Fear
Strange things are afoot in the Catskill mountains.

Gif of the Week:

You're going to like the way you look.