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Thank You Readers!

The Stars Were Right by K. M. Alexander
I wanted to extend a hearty “Thank You” to all my readers. Thanks for spreading the word. Thanks for telling your friends. Thanks for being just so dang excited. I really appreciate it all and honestly I couldn’t do this without you. June ended up being one of the best months ever sales-wise which is excellent for The Stars Were Right and it helps seed interests in the upcoming Old Broken Road. I can’t be more grateful.

If you know anyone else who hasn’t had a chance to read The Stars Were Right, the $1.99 Kindle Sale extends through the 9th. It’s a hell of a deal.

Friday Link Pack 06/27/2014

Medievally Styled Illustrations by Sergey Yuhimov
It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


6 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books To Share With The App Generation
Nice list from Idea.TED to encourage the imagination and something something creative writing. I guess I get where they’re coming with the whole “App Generation” idea, but really, these are all real good summer reading for any generation.

Words For That
Need a word? A word for that? Well Words for That is a fun little site that is here to help. Worth checking out.

Breaking The Perfectionism–Procrastination Infinite Loop
We have all struggled with perfectionism and fought against procrastination. Denise Jacobs over at Web Standard Sherpa has some great advice on how to shake out of that loop. Really great for any creative.

I’m STILL having a Kindle Sale!
For the few weeks The Stars Were Right is available for only $1.99! Now is a good chance for Kindle owners to pick up a copy. Click here for more info. Tell your friends!


Sergey Yuhimov’s Medieval-Style Illustrations for Lord of the Rings
Beautiful images. The scene of Boromir’s death stands out in particular. (It’s my favorite scene from the book.) You should also check out the set of illustrations of the Hobbit I featured in a Link Pack earlier this year.

Bill Viola Projects Martyrs Within St. Paul’s Cathedral
Stunning permanent video installation. Not something I’d expect to see in a church. I think that’s why I dig it so much. It pushes the boundaries of what is usually considered proper or traditional.

After The Storm Limited Edition Prints
As of this morning there’s only a few of Kari-Lise‘s latest limited edition run of After the Storm. So nab it while you can.


America’s Abandoned Shopping Malls
I was real impressed with this series of photographs by Seph Lawless. He is able to capture feelings of tragedy and bleakness in a landscape that is all too familiar.

The Occult History of the Television Set
Television shows like Star Trek had tricorders and communicators that inspired the creation of the iPhone. What was the pop-culture phenomena that pushed the inventors of the television? Would you believe it’s own history is rooted in the occult? Interesting story.

The Best Infinite Looping GIFs on the Internet
It’s always hard making these lists because there all billions of great GIFs out there. That being said, there are some gems here.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Festival
Written in 1923 this is considered one of the first mythos stories. It also happens to be one of the first tales to feature Arkham, and the first to expand on the mysterious Cryptonomicon.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

(Brittany: I hope this kept you entertained for the rest of your Friday.)

Summer Reading Kindle Sale!

The Stars Were Right by K. M. Alexander
For the next month The Stars Were Right is on sale for Kindle for only $1.99! That’s a savings of three whole dollars. It’s now less than the cost of a Big Mac and a hell of a lot more fun. I promise.

Want to know more before you jump into the world of Lovat? You can read the Prologue on The Stars Were Right‘s website and see what others are saying over on Goodreads! If you’re not a Kindle owner you can still get a lovely paperback copy from Barnes & Noble, direct from me, or over on Amazon. (Sadly not for $1.99)

Tell your friends!

Friday Link Pack 03/08/14

Cover Reveal for Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance by Michael Whelan

It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!

Thanks Drew:

Big thank you to writer Drew Gerken (@worddrew) for picking up my slack and running with the Friday Link Pack in my absence. He found and shared a lot of great stuff. If you happened to miss it, make sure you hit up his blog and check it out. I know he plans on continuing posting link packs of his own. So give him a follow while you’re at it.


101 Fabulous Plot Resources For Novelists
Okay, so it’s not really 101 things, but blogger and writing coach Molly Greene (@mollygreene) compiles a handy list of resource for plot discovery.

$14 Kindle Paperwhites
Amazon is offering a Kindle for the price of a trade paperback. $14 bucks a month for 4 months. No interest. No credit checks. Regardless about how you feel about Amazon or ebooks it’s a heck of a deal and a smart play from Amazon.

Can bestseller lists be bought?
The LA Times looks into a recent story where a church from Seattle paid an estimated $210,000 to ResultSource to make it’s senior pastor’s book Real Marriage a bestseller. Shady, yes. Stupid, totally. There’s a big difference between numbers and valuable numbers.


Here Amid the Wild Woods new works by Kari-Lise Alexander
When I last left you I mentioned Kari-Lise’s show Here Amid the Wild Woods was opening soon at Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne. Well it opened and it was incredibly successful. You can see the full show here. I believe there’s only one piece left and the gallery does have prints available.

Cover Reveal for Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance by Michael Whelan
Despite my own vocal opinions about the book cover for Sanderson’s latest epic fantasy I have to admit Michael Whelan did a really good job explaining his process. He’s an incredibly talented illustrator and it’s cool to get a behind the scene’s look.


Big Hug Mug, a True Detective Playlist
So, I am obsessed with HBO’s True Detective, and not just because of the Robert W. Chambers connection (though that helps.) When Wilson Miner (@wilsonminer) put together a pretty incredible playlist I was stoked. It’s worth a listen, or like 75 listens in my case. (TEASER! I have a playlist coming for The Stars Were Right. I’m hoping to post it soon.)

TED – The Gentlemen Thief: The Art of Misdirection
If you could control someones attention what would you do with it? A great TED talk/presentation with a pretty stunning ending.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Moon-Bog
Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

Despite my joy I could tell something very wrong had happened.

Writing, Editing, Updating…

The Stars Were Right - by K. M. Alexander
National Novel Writing Month is in full swing, and if you’re participating I hope everything is trucking along for you. Those first few days are fun. Stick with it, even when the going gets tough. I know when I first participated I learned a lot about how I work and what need to do to be successful – that said, I have never “won” NaNoWriMo. You know what? That’s okay. The important thing is I am writing.

As with the years before I am participating. I’m working on a new title (it’s the unnamed one in the right hand tracker) I had a bit of a jump on it, but I was able to complete 6300 words over the weekend. Not as much as I wanted but sizeable and it puts me on course to finish the 50k word goal at the end of the month.

Things are still going great for “The Stars Were Right” sales are steady. With the exception of Nook (which has become a huge thorn in my side) the book is now available in every major eBook store, and is getting great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. So if you haven’t bought it yet, pick your poison!

Physical copies of Stars are getting real close. I am real excited. I have a pretty cool promotion worked up, I think you all will love it. More to come on that a later. I will also have some updates on “Old Broken Road” coming soon. Until then it’s back to work!

Read some early reviews of “The Stars Were Right”

I’m beaming over here. Can you see me beaming? That bright light outside isn’t the sun, it’s me, beaming. Why? I’m starting to see early reviews come in for “The Stars Were Right” and they’re looking great. I am kind of overwhelmed. Right now “The Stars Were Right” is currently getting 5 Stars on Amazon, and has 4.86 Stars on Goodreads. Wow.

I wanted to share a few of the reviews here:

A gritty adventure through a city rich with life and death, in the style of a tale told over some cheap whiskey at a dusty dive bar on the outskirts of a bizarre Lovecraftian town. Excellent pacing, excellent lead character, and excellent world building.


Move over, Mieville – there’s a new author on the scene equal (if not greater!) in his ability to create captivating urban landscapes, people them with a myriad of races and cultures, and show them to readers in a way that mimics the complexity of the real world. Simply put, I appreciate that Alexander treats readers like they’re too smart to be handed a simplistic and overt explanation of the mythological context of the story. Instead, you piece together a vision of what kind of world you’re visiting through colorful experiences.

After exploring it myself, I’ll tell you – this is a world to which I hope to return. Sometime when I have a few dedicated hours to spend, knowing that I’ll be unable to pull away. This is a story with tempo, one that pulls you along in its wake, raising your heart-rate and your need for more with each page. Read an excerpt to see what I mean.


In his first book, K. M. Alexander masterfully introduces us to a new world and exciting lead characters through a story that weaves elements of sci-fi, old world paganism, and the wild west into a page turner that’s hard to put down. Looking forward to the next book in this series!


A fantastic story with a genuinely likeable protagonist and plenty of suspense. Fast paced and lushly detailed. A very enjoyable read. I look forward to further works from this artist.

Thanks again for those who have purchased “The Stars Were Right”, and thank you to everyone who has left these reviews. They go a long way towards helping out indie authors. So please keep reading, please keep leaving reviews, and please keep letting your friends know.

Oh and one last plug: if you haven’t picked up your copy of “The Stars Were Right” yet you can get it from Kindle, Kobo, or direct for me as a DRM-free epub.

More news coming later this week!