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The Northwest Horror Podcast Giveaway

Halloween approaches and it’s giveaway time! The Northwest Horror Podcast, one of my favorite local podcasts, is giving away three signed copies of my latest novel Red Litten World. You can find out how to win by listening to their latest episode, just download or stream it via the Northwest Horror’s blog. It’s a fun contest and really easy to enter.

Also, make sure you subscribe to Northwest Horror! You can do so with iTunes, or with their Stitcher station, or via Lybsyn. Also, follow them on Twitter and on Facebook. Matt, Vic, and Cat run a great horror-centric podcast covering all things horror related that means: games, cons, movies, television, books, and loads more. It’s good stuff.

Thanks for Matt and Cat for their kind words on this week’s episode. I hope everyone enjoys the podcast and good luck to those of you who enter!

Imaginary Worlds by Eric Molinsky

Imaginary Worlds

My last recommendation post was for Device 6, and it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Like over a year. So let’s rectify that!

Today, I have a podcast recommendation for you: Imaginary Worlds is a free podcast from Eric Molinsky focusing on the worlds of science-fiction and fantasy. Coming at it from a fan perspective Molinsky explores why we as fans love these worlds, what draws us to them, and why they resonate with us. Unlike a lot of other podcasts, Imaginary Worlds is quite deep. Molinsky takes a candid and fresh approach to subjects like: the origin stories of heroes, the tale of the mysterious author James Tiptree, the real history of Salem, Massachusetts, the canon of Star Trek and its relationship to the Torah, and even how modern politics is reflected in Game of Thrones. I found each episode quite engaging and before I knew it I quickly binge-listened my way through the series. You can listen to one of my favorite episodes below:

Subscribe to Imaginary Worlds at iTunes or from Stitcher. The episodes are usually less than twenty-minutes in length making it really easy to fly through these. I recommend starting at the beginning. If you like the podcast leave a review on iTunes as well, it’s a great way to spread the word to other potential fans of Imaginary Worlds.

Seattle Geekly!

I’m On Seattle Geekly

Last week I was invited by Shannon and Matt over to the Geekly Studios to be on my favorite podcast: Seattle Geekly! The day has arrived, the podcast is up, and you can listen now! Download the episode from iTunes, listen to it on Seattle Geekly’s websitelisten over on Stitcher, or just hit play below:

Seattle Geekly for Thursday, February 19, 2015

I’m honored to be one of the final guests for a great podcast. I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys it. Huge thank you to Shannon and Matt for having me on. It was nice to relax and geek out for a while. (Also, Matt, I’m still very interested in joining you for that session of Call of Cthulhu.)

Seattle Geekly is giving away a few signed copies of Old Broken Road along with the launch of today’s episode. To win all you need to do is tweet with the hashtag #KMAbook before 3PM tomorrow (02/20/15). There’s still plenty of chances to win. Good luck!

Seattle Geekly!

I’m Going To Be On Seattle Geekly

Yesterday I had the honor to be interviewed by Shannon and Matt of Seattle Geekly, our local geek-centric podcast. We talked about my books, mythos fiction, Lovecraft, and a lot more. I had a blast and I’m super grateful for the opportunity, they’re both excellent people.

The episode airs next Thursday, February 19th so mark your calendars. They’re also going to be giving away a couple signed copies of Old Broken Road to their twitter followers, so make sure you’re following them so you can have a chance to win.

You can subscribe to Seattle Geekly via iTunes, RSS, or through Stitcher. You can also listen via their website: I’ll also be posting the episode here as well so stick around.

Seattle Geekly Giveaway!

Seattle Geekly!

It’s PAXPrime weekend here in Seattle, and not all of us are able to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win free books and swag! Throughout the weekend you win signed copies of The Stars Were Right from my friends Shannon & Matt over at Seattle GeeklySimply follow them on Twitter and find out how you can win!

Make sure you subscribe to Seattle Geekly [iTunes – RSS – Stitcher]. It’s a great weekly nerd-centric podcast covering: gaming, cons, movies, television, books, comics, and more. Basically all things awesome.

Listening Recommendation: Welcome to Night Vale

Welcome to Night Vale

This is a bit different from my normal reading recommendations as it actually isn’t about anything to read, instead it’s about something you should listen to. “Welcome to Night Vale” is a free podcast written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor and distributed by Commonplace Books and it’s been dominating the iTunes download charts.

It’s fantastic. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin public-radio style “Welcome to Night Vale” centers around the local events happening in the fictional desert town of Night Vale. At first it seems like innocent enough news stories: PTA meetings, the library groundbreaking, weather, news about the local dog park, but it quickly becomes clear that things in this town aren’t what they seem. Everything in Night Vale is twisted and slightly off kilter—it’s weird—and everyone in the town is strangely okay with it. You know what…it works, “Welcome to Night Vale” does what a lot of fiction can only dream of: it become alive.

A lot of people have had a tough time describing the podcast but my favorite description comes from the Wikipedia page, it describes “Welcome to Night Vale” as:

The news from Lake Wobegon as seen through the eyes of Stephen King.

It’s the perfect description, Fink and Cranor create an engaging place full of mystery and laughs channeling the best from Lovecraft and Orson Welles and it’s worth any weird fiction fan’s time. I’d also recommend the interview Fink and Carnor had with NPR’s Jacki Lyden on Weekend, they go into some interesting details about their process.

Join me and give “Welcome to Night Vale” a listen. Turn on your radio and hide.


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