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The Bell Forging Cycle

Wal’s Tale Has A Title

For a while I have been mulling over a title for my current series. There’s a lot of reasons I waited (most of them boring) but the time has finally come. January has been an amazing month for me and I have seen a enormous influx of new readers. As more of you keep reading my books (thank you) and I move closer to releasing book three, Red Litten World, I realized that it’s time to name Wal’s tale.

After some musing, a quick discussion with my editor, and a few conversations with some friends, I am happy to say I have finally landed on the name. Introducing:

The Bell Forging Cycle

It’s funny how something so simple can take so long to brainstorm. But here we are, I love it and for many reasons. The ideas hinted at works on a lot of levels and it’s not another generic series title like Waldo Bell Book #1. I plan on writing more about those concepts at a later date (let me release a few more books before I reveal all my cards.) Until then I’ll let you speculate away.

Mid-December Update

Hello! Hope the holiday season is treating you well. Since we’re nearing years end I figured it’d be a good time to update everyone on what’s been happening around here. As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions I do my best to respond to every email and I’m happy to receive feedback.

Old Broken Road

Old Broken Road:

Sales for Old Broken Road have been steady since it’s launch two months ago. I’m starting to see reviews show up on Amazon and Goodreads which is always exciting. Seems like folks are really liking the book which makes me happy. It’s a labor of love, and it’s nice to see the hard work paying off. Right now it’s getting 5 stars on Amazon and 4.8 stars on Goodreads. Wow!

If you’ve finished you copy and have thoughts on what you read, please do me a favor and leave a review. Any feedback, good or critical, helps me out. So please take a moment and leave a review.

I’ve had a few folks write in about gifts. If you want to give a copy of Old Broken Road to friend or family for the holidays the best and quickest way would be ordering through Amazon. They’ll get it you cheaper than I can and they ship for free. However, those waiting for signed copies, I should have some available in my store very soon.

Finally the Old Broken Road Goodreads giveaway continues! Find out everything you need to know in this post. Sign up here. Giveaway ends January 6th.

Red Litten World

Red Litten World:

Book three, Red Litten World, is in the middle of some heavy revisions but it’s coming along nicely. I’m really excited about this next chapter in Wal’s saga, I think it’s the best yet.

For those who don’t know Red Litten World takes place a few months after the happenings along the Broken Road. Wal finds himself in a besieged Lovat still facing a blockade and struggling through a difficult winter. As the city around him begins to unravel, Wal find himself facing a new threat and some old enemies.

There’s a teaser site up at Lots of hints at things to come!

Our Dust Forever Echoes

The Fantasy Novel (ODFE):

Okay, it technically has a name but I’m being careful and not playing it up as it’s a working title. I did make an announcement when I was interviewed by Dungeon Crawler Radio (36:00) where I go into a few more details (and reveal that working title,) but for now I am keeping things quiet. This project is my first official project outside of the Waldo Bell universe and it’s very much fantasy (okay, non-traditional, mainly because I’m a contrarian.) It’s an incredible world with a variety of complex characters. There’s also: towering giants, humongous deserts, people riding enormous birds, and so much more. I’m looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

As far as progress goes, the rough draft is coming along nicely (see the sidebar.) Right now it’s nearly 2/3rds done! If all goes according to plan I’ll be finished with the rough draft soon and have a revised manuscript sometime in the spring. Expect more on this project after the New Year. Including: title reveal, the Pinterest inspiration board, the cover reveal, and a lot more!

I Make Stories: The Blog Of K. M. Alexander

On The Blog And Beyond:

So that’s where things stand! Some other bits of news. Since I am traveling for Christmas this weekend will be the last Friday Link Pack for the year. It’ll be the End of the Year Edition where I combine the most popular links from the previous year into one epic link pack. (See last years here.)

Also, expect to see a post for My Reading List for 2014 where I list out every book I read and talk about my favorites. (See my reading list from last year here.) Along with those posts I also have a few more TOP SECRET projects I am working on, but I’ll have to wait just a bit longer before revealing those.

There is lots coming and I’m excited. 2014 has been great. Thanks again for all your support, thank you for the reviews, your posts, and helping me spread the word about The Stars Were Right and Old Broken Road. You helped make 2014 a incredible year for me and I’m looking forward to the next.

Friday Link Pack 05/30/14

The 2013 Winners Of The Nature Conservancy’s Annual Photo Contest

It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere
Reading Rainbow—the single most influential show in my young life—ended in 2009. Levar Burton, with the help of Kickstarter, is bringing it back! Donate, even a buck helps and goes a long way.

Eisler & Konrath Vs. Hachette
Indie publishing powerhouses Barry Eisler and J. A. Konrath teardown the Hachette memo in their typical snarky style. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, in my opinion the real loser in the Hachette/Amazon fight is the authors and their readers, not the giant publishing company or the giant tech company.

95k Words Later… Red Litten World is finished!
I finished a manuscript! I am excited about it. Now back to work.


Letter To A Young Artist # 1
Fantastic and candid letter from a talented older artist to young artists everywhere. Very much worth a read for any creative. Thanks to Kari-Lise for sending this my way.

The 2013 Winners Of The Nature Conservancy’s Annual Photo Contest
Stunning nature photography, my favorite is the bear on page 2. Beautiful.


Arcade Font Writer
This is way too much fun, write… well, whatever you want in the font/style from your favorite 8-bit video game. Thanks to Steve for the tip.

Meet the Ragtag Vigilantes at War With Mexico’s Cartels
A side to the fight in Mexico we don’t usually see. Fascinating and terrifying stuff, someone should write a book about these guys.

U.S. Measles Cases at 20-Year High
Yay. Thanks vaccine deniers. This is just what we always wanted: more preventable disease. Nothing beats putting a society in risk. Thumbs up.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

Winged Death
One of Lovecraft’s ghost written works. I honestly haven’t read this one, and this is a note to myself to rectify that over the weekend.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

Nature is Crazy

Friday Link Pack 05/16/2014


It’s time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. Some of these I mention on Twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do! Have a link I should feature in the upcoming link pack? Let me know!


The reason every book about Africa has the same cover
“We’re comfortable with this visual image of Africa because it’s safe. It presents ‘otherness’ in a way that’s easy to understand.” True, but also disappointing.

The all-new monthly literary prize – for self-published authors
With more and more established authors joining the fray The Guardian and Legend Times has decided to start a monthly indie award. Yay! Honestly, it’s about time something like this happened.

Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work 
Some of the greats weigh in on symbolism in their work and if it was intentional or not. Very much worth a read.

Book Three Has a Name!
Since I am nearing completion on my rough draft I figured it was time to announce the title for book three. I also launched a Pinterest board filled with imagery that inspired the story.


Why Do We Never See Baby Pigeons?
It wasn’t until I saw the question asked that I needed to know the answer. Luckily, the Audubon Magazine steps in to give us the skinny on the babies of the dirty birds of the city.

How do you communicate with people 10,000 years in the future.
Great article from 99% Invisible on how the WIPP designed a system of communication for the folks that will come after us.

The Great Idaho Debate Supercut
“You have your choice folks: a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker, or a normal guy.” Whatever you choose, you should choose to watch this. It’s hilarious.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Evil Clergyman
Published posthumously this tale—a recounting of a dream—is taken from Lovecraft’s letter to his friend Bernard Austin Dwyer. The story is short and super creepy.

Farewell Gif of the Week:

Getting Rad!