Red Litten World arrives tomorrow! It's time to return to Lovat.

Tomorrow: Red Litten World

“…it had come from a mysterious inner realm beneath the red-litten world — a black realm of peculiar-sensed beings which had no light at all, but which had had great civilisations and mighty gods…”

— H. P. Lovecraft & Zealia Bishop, The Mound

I'm so freaking excited for Red Litten World!
Tomorrow, The Bell Forging Cycle, Book III: Red Litten World arrives. Are you so freakin’ excited? I am! This book has been a labor of love and it feels great to get it out into the world. I really hope you have a much fun reading it as I had writing it. So now, with less than twenty-four hours remaining, what to do? Here are a few ideas to pass the time until the official release:

Remember, you can always pre-order the Red Litten World eBook from Amazon, Kobo, or iBooks and it’ll arrive on your eReader after midnight.

Tomorrow we’ll brave the cold and return to the narrow streets of Lovat. I’ll see you in the warrens, roaders.

The Stars Were Right coming next Tuesday, Oct. 1st!

[UPDATE:] The Stars Were Right is Out Now!

The Stars Were Right Coming October 1st

That’s right. Official announcement time:

The Stars Were Right” digital release is coming Tuesday, Oct. 1st!

Amazon Kindle and Kobo will be my first launch platforms. (You can pre-order from Kobo today!) iBooks and a few other platforms will be coming later. If you prefer you will also be able to buy a DRM-free .epub directly from me at my personal store. (Helpful for you iPad readers who don’t want to wait for the iBooks release.)

Only one week! More as everything develops.


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