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Writing Excuses: Becoming a Writer—Full Disclosure

Becoming a writer

If you aren’t listening to the Writing Excuses the podcast featuring novelist Mary Robinette Kowal, fantasy novelist Brandon Sanderson, comicsmith Howard Tayler, and horror novelist Dan Wells you should fix that immediately. It’s great for the aspiring writer. The most recent episode “Becoming a Writer: Full Disclosure” is really good, the gang has a candid conversation about the sort of stuff people don’t talk about when they discuss careers in writing: bad reviews, health, time management, reading, and more. Check it out:

It’s never long, usually about 20 minutes, and it’s always full of consistently solid advice from folks with plenty of experience. I highly recommend subscribing and becoming a dedicated listener.

Black Heart Magazine Review and iBooks Update!

The Stars Were Right is on iBooks
Busy, busy, busy! I’ll be keeping this short but there is a few things I wanted to share:

That’s all for now, my fighting with the Nook’s formatting bugs continue, and I’m still hard at work on “Old Broken Road.” I remain on schedule for the physical release for “The Stars Were Right.” As always: if you have read Stars make sure you leave a review and tell your friends!

Do you have any comments, questions, or just want to say hello? Email me at: hello at and let me know what is on your mind.

Read some early reviews of “The Stars Were Right”

I’m beaming over here. Can you see me beaming? That bright light outside isn’t the sun, it’s me, beaming. Why? I’m starting to see early reviews come in for “The Stars Were Right” and they’re looking great. I am kind of overwhelmed. Right now “The Stars Were Right” is currently getting 5 Stars on Amazon, and has 4.86 Stars on Goodreads. Wow.

I wanted to share a few of the reviews here:

A gritty adventure through a city rich with life and death, in the style of a tale told over some cheap whiskey at a dusty dive bar on the outskirts of a bizarre Lovecraftian town. Excellent pacing, excellent lead character, and excellent world building.


Move over, Mieville – there’s a new author on the scene equal (if not greater!) in his ability to create captivating urban landscapes, people them with a myriad of races and cultures, and show them to readers in a way that mimics the complexity of the real world. Simply put, I appreciate that Alexander treats readers like they’re too smart to be handed a simplistic and overt explanation of the mythological context of the story. Instead, you piece together a vision of what kind of world you’re visiting through colorful experiences.

After exploring it myself, I’ll tell you – this is a world to which I hope to return. Sometime when I have a few dedicated hours to spend, knowing that I’ll be unable to pull away. This is a story with tempo, one that pulls you along in its wake, raising your heart-rate and your need for more with each page. Read an excerpt to see what I mean.


In his first book, K. M. Alexander masterfully introduces us to a new world and exciting lead characters through a story that weaves elements of sci-fi, old world paganism, and the wild west into a page turner that’s hard to put down. Looking forward to the next book in this series!


A fantastic story with a genuinely likeable protagonist and plenty of suspense. Fast paced and lushly detailed. A very enjoyable read. I look forward to further works from this artist.

Thanks again for those who have purchased “The Stars Were Right”, and thank you to everyone who has left these reviews. They go a long way towards helping out indie authors. So please keep reading, please keep leaving reviews, and please keep letting your friends know.

Oh and one last plug: if you haven’t picked up your copy of “The Stars Were Right” yet you can get it from Kindle, Kobo, or direct for me as a DRM-free epub.

More news coming later this week!