The GLEAM UPON THE WAVES swag set is complete

Up until now the Gleam Upon the Waves swag set has been missing a key piece. Remember, a few weeks ago, when I mentioned I was working on a top secret bookmark? Well, I am please to say it has arrived in all its horrific wriggly glory. Avert thine eyes from the madness-inducing tentacled terror of The Bookmark of the Deep!

The Bookmark of the Deep in all it’s horrible glory
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Answering Questions About the Upcoming GLEAM UPON THE WAVES Launch

We’re ten days out from the arrival of Gleam Upon the Waves, the fourth book in The Bell Forging Cycle. Since its release date announcement, I’ve had quite a few emails from readers with some really great questions. So, I figured putting together a post where I answer them publically would be helpful for everyone!

Where can I preorder the ebook?

Everywhere! In fact here’s some links:

Kindle – Kobo – Nook – Apple Books – GooglePlay

While you’re at it, you should add it to your Goodreads.

Can I preorder the paperbacks?

For reasons I can’t comprehend, Amazon doesn’t actually allow for pre-orders of physical copies—at least not for Amazon-printed titles. (My books are printed through Amazon’s KDP service, formerly CreateSpace.) Trade-paperbacks are planned. I have a proof sitting next to me as I write this post. I’ll be pushing them live on the 30th, and you’ll be able to order them then.

Are you going to be offering signed copies?

You betcha! The plan is to have signed copies back in my story after the 30th. I realize my story has been empty for much of the last year (when the pandemic hit, I didn’t order any more books since I wasn’t going to conventions.) But I should have fresh new stock arriving soon, and the store will reopen. Believe me, I’ll be posting about it.

Do you have ARCs for reviewers?

I do. I wrote a post about it here with all the details.

Will there be book sets available?

Yep! The Roader Pack is slated to return in a fancy new 2021 format. I’m currently building out the newest swag set and waiting on shipments. I’ll post about it when they’re available.

That covers most of the typical questions people have asked. If you have a question I haven’t answered leave a comment below or reach out to me via email.

Ten days, roaders!

Red Litten World Cover Reveal Giveaway!

Congratulations To Sharon E.

Congratulations to Sharon E. the winner of my Red Litten World Cover Reveal Giveaway! Sharon was one of over two-thousand entries and she will receive signed copies of both The Stars Were Right and Old Broken Road, a Bell Caravans patch, a bunch of assorted swag, and a $50 Amazon gift card. Not bad, eh?

Thanks to everyone for participating and tweeting and posting comments and spreading the word. It was nice to see so much excitement surrounding the reveal. I’m really glad everyone liked the cover so much. Jon and I both worked hard on it, and it’s always a pleasure to get such a warm reception.

If you’re interesting in picking up copies of the other books in The Bell Forging Cycle just hit any of the links below. Ebook copies of The Stars Were Right are usually selling for below $2.99 these days and I’ve seen copies of Old Broken Road as low as $4.75.

The Stars Were Right

AmazonBarnes & NobleMy Store
KindleKoboiBooksNook • GooglePlayMy Store

Old Broken Road

• Amazon • Barnes & Noble • My Store •
• Kindle • Kobo • iBooks • Nook • GooglePlay • My Store •

Red Litten World Cover Reveal Giveaway

Giveaway Time! Win Books, Swag, And A $50 Gift Card!

As a way to celebrate the big Red Litten World cover reveal, I’m doing a big giveaway! One lucky winner from anywhere in the world can enter to win a bunch of cool stuff. The Red Litten World Prize Pack includes: signed paperback copies of The Stars Were Right and Old Broken Road, a Bell Caravans patch, and all the swag for both books (stickers, buttons, and bookmarks), and a $50 Amazon gift card! Entering is super easy, and there’s lots of ways you can increase your chance to win. Hint the link below, login, and follow the instructions, good luck!