The Stars Were Right at ECCC!

Get The Stars Were Right at Emerald City Comic Con
Right: Andrew Wilson‘s ConGirl (Detail) Left: The Stars Were Right

Sadly I will be absent from #ECCC this year. However that doesn’t mean a few copies of The Stars Were Right won’t be attending! My friend Andrew Wilson has graciously given up a bit of table space at his booth and it is there you’ll find signed copies of The Stars Were Right for a con only price of $10!

Andrew is an amazing illustrator and artist and he has a ton of awesome books and prints for sale of his own. Make sure you check it all out at BOOTH 702. He’s throwing in free postcards with any purchase and you’ll also find three flavors of free bookmarks available just because I love you. Who doesn’t love free swag?

Free Bookmarks
3 Bookmarks (Left to Right) – Skeletons, Saint Olmstead, and Russel & Sons

Look for the big Andrew Wilson ConGirl banner (pictured in the header) and make stop by and say hello. Have a great #ECCC! Wish I could be there with ya’ll!

Friday Link Pack

Famous Scifi And Fantasy Authors In Their Workspaces
It’s Friday so I figured why not take the time to share a few interesting links I have found throughout the week. (I will fully admit I am stealing this idea from
Swiss Miss.) Some of these I mention on twitter, if you’re not already following me there, please do!


A Recipe for Great Characters
Author Dave Farland shares some advice on how to make a character engrossing. It’s a quick read and really solid advice.

Famous Scifi And Fantasy Authors In Their Workspaces
I always love stuff like this. It’s cool to the space where authors I respect spend the majority of their time.

Writing in Public Project
Author Dean Wesley Smith is detailing his life as a writer by blogging about it every day for a year. Word counts. Emails. Everything. It’s been fun to follow along.


“The Last of Us” Title Sequence
Awesome post by the good folks over at Art of the Title (@WilliamHPerkins and @lolamachine) detailing how the titles for the game “The Last of Us” was created. It’s a great read.

Abandoned Places
A tumblr sharing photos of abandoned (and sometimes creepy) places. Great location inspiration. (Thanks Margit Sage for sharing this.)

Daddy Cool by Boney M
This is my favorite song in the world right now. Everything about this video is perfect: the song, the awkward white people, everything.

Lovecraft Story of the Week:

The Cats of Ulthar
Moral of the story: be nice to cats.

Farewell Gif(s) of the Week:

Hello. How are you? Let's be friends.


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