Gifting My Books for the 2021 Holidays

2020 was weird enough, and 2021 seems like a worthy successor. Here in the States, our Thanksgiving is tomorrow which usually means it’s time to do our duty as consumers and start thinking about holiday gifts. Once again I wanted to share a guide for gifting my books—and hey, I had a new book arrive this year! It’s a perfect time to give Gleam Upon the Waves or any of my other books as a gift. Plus, if you order a signed copy direct from me, it’ll come with an amazing swag set.

Much of this guide remains the same as previous years, but there are a few small differences. As always, I break it down into signed paperbacks, regular paperbacks, and how you can gift ebooks.

Want Signed or Personalized Books?

🖋 Want Signed/Personalized Books?

Order from my store where I sell and ship signed and personalized books. With recent mail slowdowns, the 2021 deadline to order is now December 8th, a Wednesday. Any orders beyond December 8th might not get to you in time. (I ship via media mail, and the estimate for that is anywhere from two to ten days but it seems to be taking longer these days.) As of 2020, I only ship domestically.

I sign everything from my shop, but if you want your books personalized, make sure to leave me a note in the “Notes or Instructions” field during checkout and let me know the recipient. That’s it! Just click the button below and start shopping.

Ordering Paperbacks From an Online Retailer

📦 Ordering Unsigned Paperbacks from an Online Retailer

Don’t care about signed books? The quickest way to get paperback copies delivered would be by ordering through any of the online retailers. The majority of them offer guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Often they ship for free. (Check the details of their site.) Links to purchase are below.

Giving eBooks as Gifts

📱Giving eBooks as Gifts

Did you know you can give eBooks as gifts? It’s true! There are options available on every platform except Kobo. So, if there is an eBook reader in your life, you can still send them into the Territories and save yourself a little money in the process. Details for each store below.

K. M. Alexander's Books on Amazon Kindle

Order for Kindle →

1. Select the book.
2. Click the “Give as Gift” button.

K. M. Alexander's Books on Barnes & Noble's Nook

Order for Nook →

1. Select the book.
2. Click the “Buy as Gift” button.

Order for iBooks →

1. Select the book.
2. Click “Gift this Book” in the drop-down.

Order for Google Play →

1. Select the book.
2. Click “Buy as Gift”

I hope that clarifies the gifting and ordering options for 2021. If you have any questions, you can always leave a comment, or you are welcome to reach out to me via email: Thanks for your excitement in the Bell Forging Cycle and your interest in sharing Wal’s adventures with your friends and family. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

Signed GLEAM UPON THE WAVES Paperbacks are now available

Well, that took forever. But today is not a day to dwell on the past, today is a day for celebration! Signed Gleam Upon the Waves paperbacks are now available in my store! For those of you who have been patiently waiting, your waiting is at its end! Get your signed copy today!

Signed copy of Gleam Upon the Waves with its swag set

I can only store so much backstock at my house, so supplies are limited, but I already have more on order. All US orders are shipped via USPS Media Mail. I’m happy to ship internationally, for that I use USPS Priority Mail International. Shipping a book/books internationally can be cost prohibitive, but I will ship to Canada. In the past, I did ship to the UK as well, but with the all the convoluted Brexit rules, I won’t be shipping there for the foreseeable future. If you live somewhere else, shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out.

If swag or signed books isn’t your thing, or you prefer cheaper shipping, or want to start reading ASAP, you can acquire Gleam Upon the Waves from any of the links below.


Amazon • Barnes & Noble  IndieBound  My Store


Kindle • Kobo • Nook • Apple Books • GooglePlay

The GLEAM UPON THE WAVES swag set is complete

Up until now the Gleam Upon the Waves swag set has been missing a key piece. Remember, a few weeks ago, when I mentioned I was working on a top secret bookmark? Well, I am please to say it has arrived in all its horrific wriggly glory. Avert thine eyes from the madness-inducing tentacled terror of The Bookmark of the Deep!

The Bookmark of the Deep in all it’s horrible glory
Continue reading → The GLEAM UPON THE WAVES swag set is complete

GLEAM UPON THE WAVES Now on Indiebound and in Independent Bookstores

Excite to see that Gleam Upon the Waves finally showed up on IndieBound (it generally trails bigger bookstores a bit). That means if you’re like me and you like buying physical books from your local independent, most of them should be able to get you a copy! Woohoo! Just ask. Indie shops are always eager to order a book for you.

I should have stock for my own store later this week. If you’re holding out until you can buy a signed copy direct from me, they should be available real soon. (Thanks for your patience.)

If you haven’t picked up Gleam Upon the Waves yet, here’s all the links to help you rectify that:


Amazon • Barnes & Noble  IndieBound


Kindle • Kobo • Nook • Apple Books • GooglePlay

I’ve appreciated the exciting emails I’ve gotten and the messages I’ve received. You all have made me make me feel pretty dang great. I sincerely hope everyone’s enjoying the book. Please leave an honest review when you’ve finished, and tell your friends. Word of mouth is always the best advertising for a book.


It’s Tuesday, which means Book IV of The Bell Forging Cycle, Gleam Upon the Waves, has now officially been out for a week! 🥳 There’s always a bit of trepidation launching a late-series book. Series are fickle, and sales tend to drop dramatically between each installment. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised! Sales have been solid. And, based on early feedback, people seem to like this one. Hooray! So big thank you to everyone who’s picked up a copy of Gleam or dropped me a note. It means the world to me, and I hope you enjoy your time in the Territories.

Finished? Leave a Review!

Already finished Gleam Upon the Waves? Please leave an honest review either where you purchased the book or over on Goodreads. (Or both! Both is great.) Not only will your reviews help me out, but they’ll also assist your fellow readers in finding books they’ll enjoy. Oh yeah. Tell your friends! Word of mouth is key to any books success.

DEAD DROP Live Returns Tonight

It’s Tuesday, which means tonight I’m going to do another live stream. Please join me from 6–7 PM PDT over on I’ll be giving a behind-the-scenes look at the different work that goes into creating an Old Haunt and answering any questions you might have. Should be a good time and you should come.

Signed Copy Update

Right now, Amazon is telling me I’ll have my copies in mid-April. (Right around the 15th) Signed copies will be available in the store immediately after they’re received. Thanks for your patience. I know a few of you are as eagerly awaiting this shipment as I am. I wish it could be faster, but I couldn’t order copies of Gleam until the book went live, which delays their production and shipment.

I know I sound like a broken record when I tell you how much I appreciate your excitement and passion about my weird little series. But it does mean a lot, and it keeps me going. Thank you for making Gleam Upon the Waves one of the books you chose to read this year. That is an honor I don’t take lightly. I hope you enjoy your time with Wal as he embarks on his latest adventure. There’s more to come and I cannot wait to sharing it with you.

Answering Questions About the Upcoming GLEAM UPON THE WAVES Launch

We’re ten days out from the arrival of Gleam Upon the Waves, the fourth book in The Bell Forging Cycle. Since its release date announcement, I’ve had quite a few emails from readers with some really great questions. So, I figured putting together a post where I answer them publically would be helpful for everyone!

Where can I preorder the ebook?

Everywhere! In fact here’s some links:

Kindle – Kobo – Nook – Apple Books – GooglePlay

While you’re at it, you should add it to your Goodreads.

Can I preorder the paperbacks?

For reasons I can’t comprehend, Amazon doesn’t actually allow for pre-orders of physical copies—at least not for Amazon-printed titles. (My books are printed through Amazon’s KDP service, formerly CreateSpace.) Trade-paperbacks are planned. I have a proof sitting next to me as I write this post. I’ll be pushing them live on the 30th, and you’ll be able to order them then.

Are you going to be offering signed copies?

You betcha! The plan is to have signed copies back in my story after the 30th. I realize my story has been empty for much of the last year (when the pandemic hit, I didn’t order any more books since I wasn’t going to conventions.) But I should have fresh new stock arriving soon, and the store will reopen. Believe me, I’ll be posting about it.

Do you have ARCs for reviewers?

I do. I wrote a post about it here with all the details.

Will there be book sets available?

Yep! The Roader Pack is slated to return in a fancy new 2021 format. I’m currently building out the newest swag set and waiting on shipments. I’ll post about it when they’re available.

That covers most of the typical questions people have asked. If you have a question I haven’t answered leave a comment below or reach out to me via email.

Ten days, roaders!