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Old Broken Road by K. M. Alexander

Signed Paperback Copies Of OLD BROKEN ROAD Are Back

Hooray! Last night I arrived home to find a big ol’ box of books waiting for me. That means signed copies of Old Broken Road are back in stock at my store. The first few boxes went pretty quickly, but I should be well stocked for the new few months. Now you have four ways to get a paperback copy:

Signed Copies of “The Stars Were Right” Sold Out Again

The Stars Were Right

Just a quick update: as of this morning I am sold out of signed copies of The Stars Were Right (again!) This is actually perfect timing since I ship everything myself and I am about to head off on vacation any orders would have been delayed by a few weeks which isn’t ideal. Sorry for those of you who missed out on this batch, I’ll get more signed copies back in stock when I return. Until then, you can always get a paperback copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble and eBooks just about everywhere.

SIGNED Paperbacks Are Here!

My God, it's full of Stars!
The wait is over! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably saw my post showing a shipment of books that arrived at my doorstep yesterday. That means the signed paperbacks of The Stars Were Right are finally here and are now available!

Buy ’em at:

You can get a signed individual copy for $14.00 + shipping or you can get it in what I am calling the “Roader Pack” which includes a signed book for yourself and another unsigned copy to give away to a friend at a discount (also plus shipping). “Caravan Packs” will be coming soon as well and will be tailored specifically for book clubs.

Really excited to finally have these available. If you don’t like paying shipping you can still buy a paperback copy of The Stars Were Right directly from Amazon (at Amazon’s slightly discounted price and with their incredibly fast shipping.) You can also try your luck and enter The Stars Were Right Book Giveaway happening over at Goodreads and enter and win one of 5 signed copies I’m giving away for free on January 5th. Winners will be notified directly and announced in The Telegram, my whenever-something-cool-happens newsletter.