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Swiggity Swaggity!

Swiggity swaggity! The Stars Were Right Buttons!

I was pretty stoked when these showed up: fabulous one-inch The Stars Were Right buttons! These will come with any orders from my store or available at a con near you. There will be a few more styles as well, this was just the first batch and I got too excited, I had to share them.

Of course, these will be included in my swag packs which you can get for free!

Free Stuff!

Free Stuff!

I’d like to call attention to some restructuring here at the ol’ blog. The links to my books have moved under the “My Books” menu item so if you’re looking for a quick link to any of my book’s websites that’s where you’ll find them. There’s also a new section: Free Stuff!

For a while now I’ve been producing swag that I have been including in book orders from my store. It’s the same swag that I’ll be handing out for free at cons, things like bookmarks, stickers, and even buttons. Since conventions are generally hyperlocal I figured it’d be nice to offer that swag to those folks who won’t be able to make it out to my various con appearances. So if you’re interested in some bookmarks or stickers, just follow the instructions on the page and I’ll deliver a TSWR Swag Pack as soon as I can.

Going forward the plan is to continually update the Free Stuff page. I’m already working on more backgrounds, and as I mentioned I am looking into getting some buttons made as well. Check back often, you never know what I’ll be giving away.