A Map of Nowhere Showing Everything.

The Map of Everything

My love of maps is no secret. So when I came across this drawing from 1874 taken from The Draughtsman’s Handbook by George G. André. I had to share it here.

To quote fellow Wordpress site Making Maps, the map below is “a map of nowhere showing everything” and it does a damn fine job at showing everything. There’s a lot here: hills, mud banks, lookouts, swamps, locks, a depot, the church, and even a stand of trees referred to as “the clump.” Make sure you click on the image below to see it larger. Making Map’s has a great post with a few more images taken from the book. I recommend checking it out.

The Map of Everything
“Plan shewing principle characters of work used in mapping.”

I really need to figure out how to get my hands on a physical copy of this, I bet it’d be glorious to see in person.