Godzilla by Josh Montreuil

#Kaijuly Is Here

Who doesn’t love kaijū? From Godzilla to King Kong, giant monsters are a mainstay within science fiction and fantasy. Literature has its share of famous giants. We have the shai-hulud in Dune, the avanc in The Scar, and even to the balrog in Lord of the Rings. There’s something incredibly engaging about enormous creatures.

Onibaba by Matt Nelson
by Matt Nelson

Well, last year, some of my more artistic friends decided to celebrate these giant creatures and have taken to Tumblr for an event they call #Kaijuly. It’s a celebration in art of all things giant monster! Each day artists post new and original pieces starring creatures from film, movies, books, television, and myth. It’s a lot of fun. I’d highly recommend checking it out and if you’re the artistic type… perhaps participate yourself?

by Josh Montreuil
by Josh Montreuil (Josh also illustrated Godzilla above.)

Hit the links below and check out the fun:

Joining in the #Kaijuly fun? Why not link some of your own work in the comments? I’m sure all of the readers of this blog would love to see your work!

Here are some things.

Here are some things.

A few days ago I launched my official tumblr:

Here are some things.

I’m pretty excited about it. Unlike other attempts in the past HAST won’t be a regurgitation of what I write here on my blog or reposts from things I have said on twitter. Instead it’ll be a heavily curated feed focusing on quick bits of big bold imagery, text, and maybe some music. To myself focused the plan is that anything I post will be tied into my books or research in some way. So far I’m really digging it’s boldness. Expect to see some cool things there.

Why I chose WordPress.

Why I chose WordPress

I’ve been running an experiment, sharing the same posts between a Tumblr account and this WordPress account. I wanted to see which I preferred. I have used both for many years, and Tumblr is definitely the “cool” kid right now, but WordPress has a lot of options and a rich community. I figured it was a valid experiment. My results: after trying this experiment I decided to stick with WordPress.

To me Tumblr is a spot for curation. WordPress is for conversation. There’s a big difference between those two things and when it comes to a blog on writing, I prefer the latter. I had no idea what it took to get published, I’m not formally trained, I never took college writing classes. I am learning as I go, and posting as I learn. I have already gained a lot from the conversations I’ve already had and that’s why I am sticking around.